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Facebook Certified media buying professional (410-101) examines test takers’ proficiency in skills, tools, advertising policies, and best practices for buying Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram ads.

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You\\’ve spent over $13,400 during the seven weeks of running campaigns. You go to your data and realize you are getting close to 6,000 Lead Events on the main landing page of the product, 450 Add To Cart Events, 192 Initiate Checkout, and 73 Purchase Events. You want to expand the ads to new audiences. What strategies should you follow?
Select the best 2 that apply.

A. You should build lookalike audiences from all of the website visitors.
B. You should build lookalike audiences from people who have initiated the checkout process and add to cart events.
C. You should build lookalike audiences from people who have made purchases.
D. You should build similar audiences based on people who have visited the website to the main landing page of the

Correct Answer: BD

You need at least 100 events or users who have made a specific action on your website for you to be able to build a
similar audience. In this case, you still don\\’t have enough events or users who have purchased on your website (72); so you are left with two options:

Build similar audiences based on people who have visited the main landing page of the product.
Build similar audiences based on people who have made specific actions events on your website: Add To Cart and
Initiate Checkout as they both have more than 100 registered actions.

You don\\’t necessarily want to start building an audience from all website visitors as this might be too broad.
You want to build your audiences first based on the bottom of the funnel and then move up.


You are working with an environmental organization that seeks to protect, analyze and monitor the environment against misuse. In order to promote the organization\’s mission, you are tasked to publish content and run campaigns on Facebook, Audience Network, and Instagram placements.

You are having issues as the ads are being shown on websites that do not align with the organization\’s mission.
You\’ve also received complaints that your domain is being misrepresented.
What are some actions you can take in order to protect your organization\’s brand?
Select 3 that apply.

A. You can upload an HTML file to verify your domain.
B. You can use the DNS TXT record set up to verify your domain.
C. You can add a .csv file with a list of all the websites you want to block.
D. You can\’t block lists of websites for your campaigns.
E. You should add your domain URL as a list of verified domains.

Correct Answer: ABC

In the Brand Safety section of your business settings, you can manage:
Domain Verification: Domain verification supports the protection and integrity of your content to ensure it isn\’t being
misrepresented. By verifying your domains, you claim and maintain control of editing privileges to your content and
links. Verifying your domains is free to do and for your content security.

Businesses can verify their online domains so they can edit links to their domain. Domain verification has 2 verification methods: HTML file upload and DNS TXT record. Block Lists: Blocklists prevent your ads from running on specific websites or apps within the Audience Network, the Instant Articles of specific publishers, and videos of Pages included in the Facebook in-stream placement.


When should you migrate a Fan Page into a Business Manager? Select 3 that apply.

A. Your business has a marketing team
B. You use a vendor.
C. You need to keep your business assets secure
D. You want to control your Fan Page through your personal Facebook account

Correct Answer: ABC

Create a Business Manager if:
Your business has a marketing team: You have more than one person working on your business marketing or more
then one person managing your current Facebook or Instagram business presence.
You manage assets: You manage multiple Facebook or Instagram assets such as Facebook Pages, ad accounts or

You use a vendor: You work with vendors to help create, run or manage your Pages or ads, but want your business to
maintain ownership of all Pages, ad accounts, and assets. You need control over access and permissions: You want to maintain complete jurisdiction over your assets without attributing ownership to individuals who assist your business operations.

You want your business to grow: You want the ability to request access to other pages, ad accounts, and apps, or share
your pages, ads accounts, and apps with other agencies. You need to keep your business secure: The business Manager is currently rolling out new security safeguard tools through the new Security Center to better ensure you maintain control of your assets.


What are the three main aspects Facebook tries to impact when launching campaigns through their auction?
Choose ALL answers that apply.

A. Audience Outcomes
B. Brand Outcomes
C. Sales Outcomes
D. Impact Outcomes
E. Reach Outcomes

Correct Answer: ABC

Facebook summarizes the impact of its campaigns into three main buckets:
Audience Outcomes
How many people did your ad reach? How frequently?
Did the ads reach the right people/audience?
Did the ads reach people cross-device?
Brand Outcomes
Did the ads break through? Are they memorable?
Did they generate brand awareness?
Did the ads change the perception of your brand?
Sales Outcomes
Did the ads drive your business outcomes?
Did they contribute to ROI?
Did the ads result in sales, leads, or app installation?


You talk with your client and realize you need to automate the integration of offline events to properly measure the
What options do you have to automate the sales at the store with Facebook campaigns?
Choose ALL answers that apply.

A. Use a Point Of Sale provider to integrate offline conversions.
B. Use digital receipts instead of printed receipts to enable offline conversions.
C. Use website conversions to integrate with offline conversions.
D. Integrate your CRM system with your offline conversions.
E. Collaborate with another Facebook Marketing Partner in order to measure offline conversions.

Correct Answer: ABDE

There are some ways you can automate the influx of data coming from offline sales.
The following options are currently available on Facebook\\’s platform:

Use a Point Of Sale provider to integrate offline conversions.
Use digital receipts instead of printed receipts to enable offline conversions.
Integrate your CRM system with your offline conversions.
Collaborate with another Facebook Marketing Partner to measure offline conversions.
One of your customers has in-store, and online, high-end t-shirts retail stores in several cities throughout the east coast
(specifically in Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco).
In 4 months, the company is launching a new product line. They would like to cross-sell to their existing customer base
and new potential customers that have similar characteristics as their current customers.

As you upload the customer database directly from your client\\’s CRM, you realize the following:
-30% of the customers are between 18-and 24 years old.
-64% of the customers are between 25-and 34 years old.
-6% of the customers are between 35-and 44 years old.
-59% are women.
-41% are men.
-66% are college-educated and above.
-78% are married.


What is the biggest difference between doing a 1% versus a 6% similar audience? Choose only ONE best answer.

A. A 1% similar audience is optimized for similarity whereas a 6% is optimized for reach.
B. A 6% similar audience is optimized for similarity whereas a 1% is optimized for reach.
C. There is no difference. The 6% audience will only be a larger audience than excludes the 1% audience.
D. A 6% would include several countries whereas a 1% would only include one country.

Correct Answer: A

On a scale of 1-10, the smaller numbers are optimized for similarity whereas higher numbers are optimized for reach.
Regardless of whether you use 1 or 10; you can select one or multiple countries.


What are the requirements for a business to open a “Shop” on their Fan Page? Select 4 that apply.

A. Sell physical items
B. Agree with Facebook\’s merchant terms
C. Have an ad account
D. Link to a valid bank account
E. Have a TIN

Correct Answer: ABDE

If you have a Facebook business Page, you can add a shop. You can use this section on your Page to list products
you\’re selling and connecting with more customers on Facebook.

While any business can have a shop, this feature is best for merchants, retail, and eCommerce advertisers. We
recommend it for businesses selling apparel, beauty, accessories (including bags and luggage), home furnishings, and
baby or kids products. But other types of businesses can still use a shop to reach more people on Facebook.
Requirements to have a shop Your Facebook shop must:

Sell physical items
Agree with our Merchant Terms
Link to a valid bank account
Have a Tax Identification Number (TIN)


Your client has 14 stores in different cities. They are launching a new product line and would like to reach young female
professionals with a 30-second video. They would like to measure the results of the campaign with an ad recall lift.
What manual placement should you select for the campaign? Select two of the following options.

A. Facebook
B. Audience Network
C. Instagram
D. WhatsApp
E. Facebook and Audience Network

Correct Answer: AC

Facebook recommends the following choices, broken out by campaign objective:
Brand awareness (including Reach and Frequency buying): Facebook and Instagram Engagement (including Reach
and Frequency buying): Facebook and Instagram Video views (including Reach and Frequency buying): Facebook,
Instagram and Audience Network App installs: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network Traffic (for
website clicks and app engagement): Facebook, Messenger, and Audience Network Catalog sales: Facebook and
Audience Network Conversions: Facebook, Messenger, and Audience Network. The offsite conversions optimization
the goal also supports Instant Articles and Instagram Stories.


A client you are consulting for is a fashion shoe store. They buy branded shoes at a discount and sell them through their website for young professionals. They have a batch of 100 high-heel red shoes (sizes 32-38) in their warehouse, based in Miami, that would like to sell quickly.

They\’ve built a core audience with the following characteristics:
Age range 25-45
Geographic area United States and Canada
Interest in fashion and high heels
Interests in red color

What recommendations do you give them to improve their audience targeting?
Choose only ONE best answer.

A. Increase the age range to 20-60
B. Include Mexico in countries being targeted
C. Include interest in shoe sizes 32-28
D. Take out the “red color” interest
E. Take out “Canada” from geographic targetting

Correct Answer: D


You are running a reach campaign for your client, and they would like to compare costs with running marketing
campaigns in traditional channels vs. running campaigns within Facebook ads.

What kind of bidding should you configure when launching the campaigns, and what should you look for Facebook to
optimize your campaigns for? Choose only ONE best answer.

A. You should bid for CPM and measure conversions.
B. You should bid for conversions and measure impressions.
C. You should bid for clicks and measure impressions.
D. You should bid for installs and measure impressions.
E. You should bid for impressions and measure impressions.

Correct Answer: E

There are four bidding options you can pay for the delivery of your ads:
1. Cost per Impressions (CPM)
2. Cost per click (CPC)
3. Cost per conversion
4. Cost per Action (CPA)

Depending on the type of bid that you set up initially, you are configuring several aspects of your campaign:
In this case, since you want to compare reach, your optimization should be for impressions (CPM) and also optimize for


Your client is interested in running a campaign with a video, but they are still not 100% sold on running Facebook ads.
Given their skepticism, they would like you to run multiple campaigns, with the same video content but the following
campaign objectives:

Optimization goal for impressions
Optimization goal for video views
So you need to run an optimization goal for impressions and another one for video views. You will then be able to
compare both campaigns through the eCPM metric.

How does the eCPM calculation differ within both campaigns? Choose ALL answers that apply.

A. The eCPM for the impression campaigns will only take into account the advertiser bid per impression.
B. The expected CPM can\’t be compared between the impressions and video views campaigns.
C. The eCPM for the video view campaign will include an additional component of the estimated click-through rate.
D. The eCPM for the video view campaign will include an estimated conversion rate calculated by Facebook.

Correct Answer: ACD

Facebook converts all campaigns into an effective CPM (eCPM) to enable comparison between ads with different
optimization goals. There are 3 different formulas for calculating the eCPM:

1. Optimization goal: impressions CPM = Advertiser bid per impression
2. Optimization goal: clickseCPM = (Advertiser bid per click) x (estimated click-through rate) x 1,000
3. Optimization goal: actions (besides clicks)eCPM = (advertiser bid per action) x (estimated click-through rate) x
(estimated conversion rate)* x 1,000


You are planning on uploading a list of 5,000 customers from the same country for a current client to build a custom

What are some of the best practices you need to follow when uploading a customer database to build a Custom?
Audience? Choose ALL answers that apply.

A. Always include the country code as part of your customer\’s phone numbers.
B. Always include your customers\’ countries in their own column in your file.
C. For customer lifetime value rate your customers on a ranking from 1-to 10
D. Include only customers with the highest value order for best performance.
E. Convert different currencies into the same one.

Correct Answer: ABE

The two most important tips are:
Always include the country code as part of your customer\’s phone numbers, even if all your data is from the same
country. Always include your customers\’ countries in their own column in your file, even if all of your data is from the same country. Because we match on a global scale, this simple step helps us match as many people as possible from your customer list.

What should I avoid when calculating customer lifetime value? Different people calculate customer lifetime value in
different ways. Here are some ways that you should avoid if you\’re going to send us the data for use in a value-based
Lookalike Audience: Rating your customers.

Say you have 3 customers worth $100, $10, and $1, respectively, and you use a 1-5 rating system. Don\’t send us data where they\’re rated as a 5, 2, and 1, respectively. This doesn\’t work because the value isn\’t proportional to the ranking.

In other words, the $100 customer was factored by 20, but the $10 customer was only factored by 5 and the $1 customer wasn\’t factored at all. Ranking your customers. Say you have 100 customers and each one is worth between $200 and $1200. You rank them from 1 to 100. This doesn\’t work because value isn\’t proportional here either.

It tells us if one customer is more valuable than another, but doesn\’t account for a scenario where the number 5 customer is worth double what the number 6 customer is, whereas the number 20 customer might only be worth 1% more than the number 21 customer.

Don\’t provide only your highest value customers. Instead, include a broad range. Without this range, we can\’t hone in
on what might distinguish an average customer from a great one.

Don\’t include negative numbers to denote negative value or undesirable customers. We can\’t use rows that contain
numbers like that. If your value is in the form of a currency, make sure it\’s all the same currency or is converted to the same scale before uploading. We don\’t currently normalize for different currencies.

Decimals that denote cents are acceptable, but don\’t use any other punctuation marks and/or separators.
We can\’t use rows that contain them.


After 6 weeks of running campaigns, you\’ve spent exactly $11,958 total. You go to your data and realize that you\’ve
sold 64 smartwatches.

The mobile app works on a freemium model, where you can pay $0.99 a month for increased functionalities. From the
64 people that bought the smartwatch, 50% are paying the monthly fee.

On average people pay the monthly fee for 12 months.
What is the ROAS for this campaign so far?
Choose only ONE best answer.

A. $3,042
B. $3,500
C. $4,042
D. $4,422.16

Correct Answer: D

ROAS = (# of new customers acquired from Campaign x Long-term Value of a New Customer) – Cost of Ad Campaign of new customers => 64 Long Term Value for new Customers => is comprised of two parts: #1 Sales of the consumer watch: 64 * 250 = $16,000 #2 Sales from subscriptions: 64 customers * $0.99 monthly fee * 12 months * 50% = $380.16
Total LTV = $16,380.16 Cost of Ad Campaign = $11,958 ROAS = $16,380.16 – $11,958 = $4,422.16

A luxury fashion brand, founded 20 years ago, is really well known for its handbags, ready-to-wear apparel, and watches. Today, they have close to 450 locations worldwide. The fashion brand wants to run a couple of tests in 2 retail stores in order to measure the impact of its Facebook ads on its offline sales.


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