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What is the real Adobe Campaign AD0-E313 exam?

Adobe Campaign Classic Developer Certified Professional

Adobe Certified Professional – Adobe Campaign Classic Developer: It is the official certification of the personal Camppaign Classic foundation specialization, including system configuration, customization, operational safety, technical workflow, instance maintenance and activity configuration.

Skills required are:

  • Adobe Campaign Classic
  • Audit Logs
  • Campaign Configuration
  • Delivery
  • Digital Marketing
  • JavaScript Customization
  • Operater Access
  • System Configuration
  • Technical Workflows
  • Templates
  • Workflow Data Integration
  • Workflow Heatmap

Successfully passing the Adobe Campaign Classic Developer Certified Professional exam will earn the Adobe certification badges mark below:

Adobe Certified Professional – Adobe Campaign Classic Developer

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Having said that, let’s do some practical, AD0-E313 free dumps Q&A:

1. Adobe Campaign has out-of-the-box namespaces. What are two of these namespaces? Choose the two correct answers.

A. xtn
B. ncm
C. xkt
D. xtk
E. nca

Correct Answer: AD

2. What are the two data types available when a developer is loading data from an external file using the data loading activity? Choose the two correct answers

A. integer(256bits)
B. period
C. varChar
D. floating number (double precision)
E. long text
F. integer(128bits)

Correct Answer: CE

3. What are four valid typology rule types in Adobe Campaign?

A. Target Capacity. Control, Pressure
B. Filtering, Optimal. Control. Pressure
C. Filtering, Capacity, Control, Market
D. Filtering, Capacity, Control. Pressure

Correct Answer: D

4. What is the purpose of the Jump activity?

A. To improve the readability of the workflow
B. To call a sub-workflow
C. To create branching in the workflow
D. To trigger a workflow

Correct Answer: A
Reference: with-workflows/flow- controlactivities/jump–start-point-and-end-point-.html

5. A Campaign developer is configuring a direct mail delivery. The Campaign developer selects “By data groupings” when configuring the control group sampling within the delivery. What is the reason for this configuration?

A. By data groupings associates the campaign with a pre-selected control group population.
B. The sampling will take the same number of records within each data grouping identified.
C. Data is sorted by the data groupings attribute before the sample is pulled from the target population.
D. The control group and the target group are extracted as separate files once the delivery executes.

Correct Answer: B

6. What should a Campaign developer change to update the default time zone of the instance?

A. Modify the default time zone of the admin operator
B. Update the default country on the deployment wizard
C. Update the xtk: common schema with the desired time zone
D. Modify the WdbcTimeZone platform option with the desired time zone

Correct Answer: D
Reference: campaign-classic/ additionalconfigurations/time-zone-management.html

7. Which statement is true regarding campaign hierarchy?

A. A campaign program folder is required to create a campaign.
B. A campaign folder is required to create a campaign.
C. A campaign workflow folder is required to create a campaign.
D. A campaign plan folder is required to create a campaign.

Correct Answer: A
Reference: campaigns/ orchestratecampaigns/setting-up-marketing-campaigns.html

8. A Campaign developer is setting up a new API to query the recipient table from an external application. The developer is setting up an Operator for use specifically with the new API. In doing so, the developer selects the option “forbid access from the rich client” What impact does this have on the API?

A. The Operator will authenticate via external accounts for API access.
B. The Operator has access via the API.
C. `The Operator can issue API calls from within the rich client.
D. The Operator is denied access via the API.

Correct Answer: D
Reference: started/administrationbasics/accessmanagement.html

9. When following Content Management creation principles, what is the best practice when defining the identification key of the schema, form, and publication template?

A. Use the same namespace
B. Use the same namespace and internal
C. Use the same label and internal name
D. Use the same label

Correct Answer: A

10. How should a Campaign developer restrict users from entering only one of three possible data values in a column called customer status?

A. Create an onChange JavaScript trigger to alert the end-user to the invalid value
B. Leverage the enable keyword with an expression that evaluates the values for customer status
C. Leverage Enumerations in drop-down lists for the three allowed values
D. Apply a sys filter to the form and filter on the values for customer status

Correct Answer: C

11. What would a developer use to trigger one workflow from another?

A. Scheduler activity
B. Option
C. PostEvent method
D. Jump activity

Correct Answer: D

12. A client has two separate recipient folders for its English and Chinese speaking recipients, and each folder has its respective user group. How should the developer set up the user rights for a manager if they wish to see both recipient folders?

A. Assign the named right MERGE to the operator
B. Assign the named right FILES ACCESS to the operator
C. Assign the operator to each language group
D. Assign the new operator to the Administrator group

Correct Answer: C

13. Which workflow manages the jobs for marketing campaigns and creates workflows related to recurring and periodic campaigns?

A. workflowMgt
B. deliveryMgt
C. stockMgt
D. operationMgt

Correct Answer: B

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