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CIS-APM exam

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Updated CIS-APM Dumps Practice Questions And Answers (a part for free)


What customer stakeholder group would be interested in knowing the business value and health of applications?
A. ITSM Manager
B. Application Owners
C. IT Operations
D. Enterprise Architects
Correct Answer: B


When a business application request is approved, a record is created in the business application table. What is the state of the business application at this point?
A. Implementing
B. Retired
C. In Production
D. Pilot
Correct Answer: A
Reference: application-portfoliomanagement/task/manage-balm-service-requests.html


If a customer asks you how ServiceNow\\’s ServiceMapping application works in order to support APM, how would you
explain it?
A. Identifies all hardware and software CI\\’s and other dependencies that support that service.
B. Drills down to provide application services, vulnerabilities, and risks.
C. Creates an API to manage seamless application services.
D. Provides software entitlements through a top-down approach.
Correct Answer: D


What relationship type is used to describe a relationship between a business capability and a business application?
A. Used: Used by
B. Depends on: Used by
C. Provides: Provided by
D. Runs on: Runs
Correct Answer: C
Reference: application-portfoliomanagement/task/establish-CI-relationship.html


APM interfaces with Software Asset Management to pull this application data: (Choose three.)
A. Product Classification
B. Software Model Data
C. Hardware Asset Lifecycle
D. Lifecycle Data
E. Vendor Procurement
Correct Answer: ACD


When you approve a retirement Business Application request, which system property determines whether a project or a demand is created?
A. sn_apm.retireBusinessApplication
B. sn_apm.retireBusinessApplicationTaskType
C. sn_apm.businessApplication
D. sn_apm.retire
Correct Answer: C
Reference: application-portfoliomanagement/task/manage-business-appln.html


What are the three segments of the Business Application Costing Model? (Choose three.)
A. Business Processes
B. Manufacturers
C. Business Applications
D. IT Shared Services
E. Business Units
Correct Answer: CDE


What is the guiding framework that a project team should use when designing the APM architecture?
A. Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
B. Project Management Professional (PMP)
C. Common Services Data Model (CSDM)
D. Design Implementation Outcomes (DIO)
Correct Answer: C
ServiceNow\\’s Common Services Data Model (CSDM) is the guiding framework that the project team should use to
design APM architecture. CSDM introduces the \\’Application Service\\’ entity, which is a key connection point between
business applications and other entities in the ServiceNow platform.


Stephen discovers that his customer is looking to achieve Basic Rationalization including application scoring. What APM maturity level does this align to?
A. Level 2
B. Level 1
C. Level 3
D. Level 4
Correct Answer: B


Why would enterprise architects be interested in APM outcomes? (Choose two.)
A. Understand incident counts by application
B. Understand what software licenses need to be reclaimed
C. Understand the landscape of technology standards and lifecycle plans
D. View business capabilities supported by applications
Correct Answer: CD


Which of the following fields represents the granular licensable version of the software and is used to calculate the
technology risk?
A. Lifecyle Model
B. Ignore Technical Risk
C. Lifecycle Release
D. Lifecycle Full Version
Correct Answer: D
Reference: application-portfoliomanagement/task/associate-business-service-to-software-model.html


What key components of ServiceNow does APM leverage? (Choose three.)
A. Discovery
B. Service Mapping
C. Service Catalog
D. Application Services
Correct Answer: ACD


What is the name of the basic plugin for the APM application?
A. Application Portfolio Management
B. Business Planner
C. Financial Management for APM
D. Application Portfolio Management – ATF Tests
Correct Answer: A
Reference: application-portfoliomanagement/task/activate-apm.html

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