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The Cisco Unified Communications Manager Dialed Number Analyzer allows analysis of calls from which two devices?
(Choose two.)

A. translation patterns
B. device pools
C. CTI ports
D. CTI route points
E. IP phones



Refer to the exhibit.

cisco 300-815 exam questions q2

Calls incoming from the provider are not working through the newly set up Cisco Unified Border Element. Provider
engineers get the 404 Not Found SIP message. Incoming calls are coming from the provider with the called number
“222333444” and Cisco Unified Communications Manager is expecting the called number to be delivered as
“444333222”. The administrator already verified that the IP address of the Cisco Unified CM is set up correctly and there are no dial peers configured other than those shown in the exhibit. Which action must the administrator take to fix the issue?

A. Change the destination-pattern on the outgoing dial-peer to match “444333222”.
B. Set up translation profile on the incoming dial-peer to match incoming traffic.
C. Create specific matching for “222333444” on the incoming dial-peer.
D. Fix the voice translation rule to match specifically number “222333444” and change it to “444333222”.


When a third-party SIP Phone System is dialed inbound across a Cisco Unified Border Element, DTMF is failing. The
third-party vendor accepts only out-of-band DTMF. Which configuration should be added to the outgoing dial-peer to
resolve this issue?

A. dtmf-relay rtp-nte
B. dtmf-relay cisco-rtp
C. dtmf-relay h245-signal
D. dtmf-relay sip-kpml



Refer to the exhibit

cisco 300-815 exam questions q4

An administrator is troubleshooting a problem in which some outbound calls from an internal network to the Internet
telephony service provider are not getting connected, but some others connect successfully. The firewall team found
that some call attempts on port 5060 came from an unrecognized IP that has not been defined in the firewall rule. What should the administrator configure in the Cisco Unified Border Element to fix this issue?

A. use of port 5061 for SIP secure
B. access-list allowing the firewall IP
C. IP prefix-list to filter the unwanted IP address
D. bind signaling and media to the loopback interface


An engineer must implement call restrictions to toll-free numbers using a class of restrictions in a branch Cisco UCME. In which two places is the coolest incoming or cor Incoming command configured? (Choose two.)

A. “ephone-dn\’ configuration mode
B. “voice register global” configuration mode
C. “telephony-service” configuration mode
D. “voice register pool” configuration mode
E. “dial-peer cor custom” configuration mode


Which services are needed to successfully implement Cisco Extension Mobility in a standalone Cisco Unified
Communications Manager server?

A. Cisco Extended Functions, Cisco Extension Mobility, and Cisco AXL Web Service
B. Cisco CallManager, Cisco TFTP, and Cisco CallManager SNMP Service
C. Cisco CallManager, Cisco TFTP, and Cisco Extension Mobility D. Cisco TAPS Service, Cisco TFTP, and Cisco
Extension Mobility

Reference: CUCM_BK_C3A84B33


If all patterns below are configured in Cisco Unified Communications Manager which would be used when dialing the
pattern “123”?

A. 12!
B. 12X (urgent priority set)
C. 1XX (urgent Priority Set)
D. 12[2-5]


cisco 300-815 exam questions q8

Refer to the exhibit. Regions have been configured for all major branches based on the available circuit bandwidth.
Some calls from Region A endpoints to Region B endpoints are failing to connect. How is the issue resolved?

A. Update the calling search space for affected endpoints to none.
B. Update all regions to 8 kbps maximum audio bitrate.
C. Increase the number of available media termination points.
D. Add a media resource to transcode between available capabilities.



cisco 300-815 exam questions q9

Refer to the exhibit. ILS has been configured between two hubs this configuration. The hubs appear to register
successfully, but ILS is not functioning as expected. Which configuration step is missing?

A. Use TLS Certificates must be selected.
B. The Cluster IDs have not been set to unique values.
C. A password has never been set for ILS.
D. Trust certificates for ILS have not been installed on the clusters.

Reference: cucm_b_systemconfiguration-1151su7-1151su8/cucm_b_system-configuration-guide1151su1_chapter_011001.pdf


Which IOS command creates a SIP-enabled dial peer?

A. voice dial-peer 20 sip
B. dial-peer voice 20 VOIP
C. dial-peer voice 20 pots
D. dial-peer voice 20 sip



An administrator is troubleshooting call failures on an H.323 gateway via the CLI. To see signaling for media and call
setup, which two debugs must the administrator turn on? (Choose two).

A. debug H.245 asn1
B. debug H.323 message
C. debug H.225 asn1
D. debug H.225 media
E. debug H.323 asn1


Which two types of distribution algorithms are within a line group? (Choose two.)

A. random
B. circular
C. highest preference
D. top-down
E. bottom up



An engineer must configure call queuing under a Hunt Pilot. After the engineer receives the audio file that will be played to callers during queuing, which two steps should be taken to complete the configuration? (Choose two.)

A. Assign the uploaded audio file to the hunting Line Group member\’s “User Hold MOH Audio Source
B. Assign the uploaded audio file to the hunting Line Group member\’s “Network Hold MOH Audio Source”.
C. Upload the audio file in “TFTP File Management” via OS Administration GUI
D. Assign the uploaded audio file to “Network Hold MOH Source and Announcements” under Hunt Pilot\’s Queuing
E. Upload the audio file in “MOH Audio File Management” via CM Administration GUI


Single Number Reach calls to a cell phone that not answered are leaving voicemails on the cell phone rather than the
corporate mailbox. Which two options will resolve this issue? (Choose two.)

A. Check the Enable Extend and Connect checkbox.
B. Check the Enable Unified Mobility features checkbox.
C. Decrease the T302 timer.
D. Decrease the T301 timer.
E. Decrease the Answer Too Late timer.



Which configuration element of a hunt group allows for changing Calling Party Transformations settings?

A. line group
B. hunt pilot
C. route group
D. hunt list


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Cisco 300-815 CLACCM exam PDF free sharing
The free Cisco 300-815 exam PDF is from a part of the Lead4Pass 300-815 exam dumps: