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Practice EXIN DEVOPSF exam question 1-13

For what type of business is DevOps the least suitable?
A. Companies with unacceptable IT-related risks for the core business
B. Companies without in-house software development
C. Small companies or start-ups
Correct Answer: B

What helps a DevOps team to successfully develop and deliver working software?
A. Allowing your DevOps teams to develop their own specific mission
B. Forming a DevOps team for short period of time during a project
C. Identifying, fixing and learning from errors only after your project ended
D. Writing code for software to have built-in quality as a main goal
Correct Answer: D

A commonly understood definition of the term `time-to-market\\’ is:
The time between business idea and the possibility of a customer purchase.
Which two DevOps practices may help reduce the time-to-market for a company? (Choose two.)
A. Continuous delivery and deployment
B. Continuous identification and reduction of losses
C. Extreme programming
D. Pair programming
E. Visualizing the Work-in-Progress (WiP)
Correct Answer: AB

DevOps implies that not only the boundary between Development and Operations must disappear. Which other
boundary must also disappear?
A. The boundary between Development and marketing
B. The boundary between IT management and the rest of the IT department
C. The boundary between the finance department and Development
D. The boundary between the HR department and Operations
E. The boundary between the IT department and the business
Correct Answer: A

Every team needs information. In DevOps, it is stressed to visualize certain information. Which piece of information
should be made available, so the team has ready access to it?
A. In which step is work accumulating, inhibiting flow?
B. What is management working on right now?
C. Which other projects do not have enough manpower?
Correct Answer: A

What is a benefit of the way the Definition of Done is defined in DevOps?
A. The team focuses less on the “what” and more on “when”
B. The team focuses less on the “what and more” on “where”
C. The team focuses less on the “what” and more on “who”
D. The team focuses less on the “what” and more on “why”
Correct Answer: A

Why is reducing the fragility of a business system difficult?
A. Because doing so will disrupt the current product and service timelines
B. Because doing so will increase the number of incidents that occur temporarily
C. Because it is difficult to deliberately introduce chaos into the Production environment
D. Because of the high risks of business disruption when integrating large numbers of systems
Correct Answer: D

Is it true that when implementing the deployment pipeline, extensive automation is required to consider it a DevOps
A. No, because a deployment pipeline is not the same as automation. Automation is the underlying ideology
B. No, because the deployment pipeline is just used to order work, automation does not apply
C. Yes, because if extensive automaton is not used, technical debt will start accumulating
D. Yes, because the deployment pipeline is needed for continuous automation activities
E. Yes, because the deployment pipeline is the technology that is used to automate work
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://www.getzephyr.com/insights/steps-creating-effective-devops-focused-deployment-pipeline

What is the DevOps practice called that maximizes detection of common errors?
A. Shift Defect
B. Shift Down
C. Shift Left
D. Shift Right
E. Shift Up
Correct Answer: C
Reference: https://books.google.com.pk/books?id=gBSGDwAAQBAJandpg=PA70andlpg=PA70anddq=devops+practice+called+that+maximizes+detection+of+common+errorsandsource=blandots=TxpzF69jKiandsig=ACfU3U0jOVfwRwOavRYYsAQxejGlZzkjqwandhl=enandsa=Xandved=2ahUKEwjStsHUhr3lAhXZ6OAKHeCiCs4Q6AEwAHoECAkQAQ

A company wants to increase production stability. They have already automated all testing of new releases. What else
do they need to automate to increase production stability?
A. Change management process
B. Integration of release with deployment management
C. Root cause inventories for recovery
D. Release inventories for recovery
E. System and application monitoring
Correct Answer: E

When will an organization find it difficult to adopt DevOps practices?
A. When many bureaucratic processes are in place, because this causes inflexibility
B. When microservices are used, because they expand the attack surface
C. When operational complexity is high, because DevOps needs a simple architecture
Correct Answer: A

Commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS) has both advantages and limitations for businesses. What is true about
A. COTS supports continuous development with its fast implementation
B. COTS will save the business time and money, by reducing development time
C. Depending on the type of COTS used, the possibility of customization is limited
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://sites.google.com/site/advancedsofteng/software-acquisition/using-commercial-off-the-shelf-packagescots

In DevOps, the organization should start where they are and progress iteratively.
What needs to change compared to a more traditional environment to facilitate progression?
A. Cultural and organizational changes within the IT department only
B. Disappearance of the Development and Operations departments
C. Implementation of complex systems, to ensure confidence in the systems
D. Management principles and approaches to information technology
Correct Answer: D

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