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Practice Mulesoft MCD-LEVEL1 exam question 1-13

Where are values of query parameters stored in the Mule event by the HTTP Listener?
A. Payload
B. Attributes
C. Inbound Properties
D. Variables
Correct Answer: B
In Mule4 – #[attributes.queryParams.{paramaterName}]

What is the main purpose of flow designer in Design Center?
A. To design and develop fully functional Mule applications in a hosted development environment.
B. To design API RAML files in a graphical way.
C. To design and mock Mule application templates that must be implemented using Anypoint Studio.
D. To define API lifecycle management in a graphical way.
Correct Answer: A

A. Patient with id 2016
B. All patients
C. No patients
D. Patients from year 2016
Correct Answer: D

What is the purpose of API autodiscovery?
A. Enables API Manager to discover the published API on Anypoint Exchange.
B. Allows a deployed Mule application to connect with API Manager to download policies and act as its own API proxy.
C. Enables an API to be directly managed in API Manager.
D. Allows the Mule application to be automatically discovered on Anypoint Exchange.
Correct Answer: B

What is the use of API Notebooks?
A. None of these
B. Test Policies
C. Test API functions
D. Test RAML
Correct Answer: C

What does the zip operator do in DataWeave?
A. Minifies the size of value using encoding.
B. None of these.
C. Merges elements of two objects into a single object.
D. Merges elements of two lists (arrays) into a single list.
Correct Answer: D

What is the face of CloudHub and integrates with Platform Services?
A. None of these
B. Runtime Manager Console
C. Integration Apps
D. CloudHub Workers
Correct Answer: B

What is the difference between a subflow and a sync flow?
A. Sync flow has no error handling of its own and subflow does.
B. Subflow has no error handling of its own and sync flow does.
C. Subflow is synchronous and sync flow is asynchronous.
D. No difference.
Correct Answer: B

What does to the attributes of a Mule event happen in a flow after an outbound HTTP Request is made?
A. Attributes do not change.
B. Previous attributes are passed unchanged.
C. Attributes are replaced with new attributes from the HTTP Request response.
D. New attributes may be added from the HTTP response headers, but no headers are ever removed.
Correct Answer: C

A. An event source
B. RAML file
C. An event processor
D. Logger Component
Correct Answer: C

How are multiple conditions used in a Choice router to route events?
A. To route the same event to the matched route of EVERY true condition.
B. None of these.
C. To find the FIRST true condition, then distribute the event to the ONE matched route.
D. To find the FIRST true condition, then route the same event to the matched route and ALL FOLLOWING routes.
Correct Answer: C

An API has been created in Design Center.
What is the next step to make the API discoverable?
A. Deploy the API to a Maven repository.
B. Publish the API from inside flow designer.
C. Publish the API to Anypoint Exchange.
D. Enable autodiscovery in API Manager.
Correct Answer: C
Anypoint Exchange enables publishing, sharing, and searching of APIs.

How can you call a flow from Dataweave?
A. Not allowed
B. Include function
C. Look up function
D. Tag function
Correct Answer: C

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