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Practice Oracle 1Z0-071 exam question 1-13

Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)
A. The USER_SYNONYMS view can provide information about private synonyms.
B. The user SYSTEM owns all the base tables and user-accessible views of the data dictionary.
C. All the dynamic performance views prefixed with v$ are accessible to all the database users.
D. The USER_OBJECTS view can provide information about the tables and views created by the user who queries the
E. DICTIONARY is a view that contains the names of all the data dictionary views that the user can access.
Correct Answer: AD

Which two statements are true regarding a SAVEPOINT? (Choose two.)
A. A SAVEPOINT does not issue a COMMIT
B. Only one SAVEPOINT may be issued in a transaction
C. Rolling back to a SAVEPOINT can undo a TRUNCATE statement
D. Rolling back to a SAVEPOINT can undo a CREATE INDEX statement
E. Rolling back to a SAVEPOINT can undo a DELETE statement
Correct Answer: AE

Which statement is true regarding the INTERSECT operator?
A. The names of columns in all SELECT statements must be identical.
B. It ignores NULL values.
C. Reversing the order of the intersected tables alters the result.
D. The number of columns and data types must be identical for all SELECT statements in the query.
Correct Answer: D
INTERSECT returns only the rows that occur in both queries\\’ result sets, sorting them and removing duplicates.
The columns in the queries that make up a compound query can have different names, but the output result set will use
the names of the columns in the first query.

Examine the data in the PRODUCTS table:

1z0-071 exam questions-q4

Which queries generate the same output?
A. 1 and 2
B. 1 and 3
C. 1, 2, and 3
D. 2 and 3
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://www.dofactory.com/sql/where-any-all (statement 2 syntax in wrong)

Table HR.EMPLOYEES contains a row where the EMPLOYEE_ID is 109.
User ALICE has no privileges to access HR.EMPLOYEES.
User ALICE starts a session.
User HR starts a session and successfully executes these statements:
GRANT DELETE ON employees TO alice;
UPDATE employees SET salary = 24000 WHERE employee_id = 109;
In her existing session ALICE then executes:
DELETE FROM hr.employees WHERE employee_id = 109;
What is the result?
A. The DELETE command will wait for HR\\’S transaction to end then delete the row.
B. The DELETE command will immediately delete the row.
C. The DELETE command will immediately return an error.
D. The DELETE command will wait for HR\\’S transaction to end then return an error.
Correct Answer: B

Examine this query:

1z0-071 exam questions-q6

Which two methods should you use to prevent prompting for a hire date value when this query is executed?
A. Replace `and1\\’ with `andand1\\’ in the query.
B. Use the DEFINE command before executing the query.
C. Use the UNDEFINE command before executing the query.
D. Execute the SET VERIFY ON command before executing the query.
E. Store the query in a script and pass the substitution value to the script when executing it.
F. Execute the SET VERIFY OFF command before executing the query.
Correct Answer: DE

Examine the description of the ORDERS table:

1z0-071 exam questions-q7

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
E. Option E
F. Option F
G. Option G
Correct Answer: BCD

Which two statements are true regarding views? (Choose two.)
A. The WITH CHECK OPTION constraint can be used in a view definition to restrict the columns displayed through the
B. The OR REPLACE option is used to change the definition of an existing view without dropping and re-creating it.
C. Rows cannot be deleted through a view if the view definition contains the DISTINCT keyword.
D. Rows added through a view are deleted from the table automatically when the view is dropped.
E. A simple view in which column aliases have been used cannot be updated.
F. A subquery used in a complex view definition cannot contain group functions or joins.
Correct Answer: BC

A non-correlated subquery can be defined as __________. (Choose the best answer.)
A. A set of one or more sequential queries in which generally the result of the inner query is used as the search value in
the outer query.
B. A set of sequential queries, all of which must return values from the same table.
C. A set of sequential queries, all of which must always return a single value.
D. A SELECT statement that can be embedded in a clause of another SELECT statement only.
Correct Answer: A

View the Exhibit and examine the description of the EMPLOYEES table.

1z0-071 exam questions-q10

You want to calculate the total remuneration for each employee. Total remuneration is the sum of the annual salary and
the percentage commission earned for a year. Only a few employees earn commission.
Which SQL statement would you execute to get the desired output?
A. SELECT first_name, salary, salary*12+(salary*NVL2 (commission_pct, salary,salary+commission_pct))”Total” FROM
B. SELECT first_name, salary, salary*12+salary*commission_pct “Total” FROM EMPLOYEES;
C. SELECT first_name, salary (salary + NVL (commission_pct, 0)*salary)*12 “Total” FROM EMPLOYEES;
D. SELECT first_name, salary, salary*12 + NVL(salary,0)*commission_pct, “Total” FROM EMPLOYEES;
Correct Answer: A

Examine this statement which returns the name of each employee and their manager:

1z0-071 exam questions-q11

You want to extend the query to include employees with no manager. What must you add before JOIN to do this?
Correct Answer: A

Which two statements are true regarding roles? (Choose two.)
A. A role can be granted to itself.
B. A role can be granted to PUBLIC.
C. A user can be granted only one role at any point of time.
D. The REVOKE command can be used to remove privileges but not roles from other users.
E. Roles are named groups of related privileges that can be granted to users or other roles.
Correct Answer: BE
References: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E25054_01/network.1111/e16543/authorization.htm#autoId28

Which three are true about system and object privileges? (Choose three.)
A. WITH GRANT OPTION can be used when granting an object privilege to both users and roles
B. Adding a primary key constraint to an existing table in another schema requires a system privilege
C. Adding a foreign key constraint pointing to a table in another schema requires the REFERENCES object privilege
D. Revoking a system privilege that was granted with WITH ADMIN OPTION has a cascading effect
E. Revoking an object privilege that was granted with the WITH GRANT OPTION clause has a cascading effect.
F. WITH GRANT OPTION cannot be used when granting an object privilege to PUBLIC
Correct Answer: ACE
Reference https://docs.oracle.com/cd/B28359_01/network.111/b28531/authorization.htm#DBSEG004

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