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Practice PMI CAPM exam question 1-13

Which type of analysis is used to examine project results through time to determine if performance is improving or
A. Control chart
B. Earned value
C. Variance
D. Trend
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following is an output of the Perform Integrated Change Control process?
A. Project document updates
B. Organizational process assets updates
C. Change requests
D. Deliverables
Correct Answer: A

The focus on continuous communication with all stakeholders, including team members, is part of this knowledge area:
A. Project Integration Management
B. Project Resource Management
C. Project Stakeholder Engagement plan
D. Project Communications Management
Correct Answer: D

The project manager is explaining to others the essential business aspects of the project. To which skill category does
this ability belong?
A. Technical project management skills
B. Time management skills
C. Strategic and business management skills
D. Leadership skills
Correct Answer: C

Which of following could be organizational process assets?
A. Historical information
B. Industry standards
C. Organization infrastructure
D. Marketplace conditions
Correct Answer: A

Which term describes an assessment of correctness?
A. Accuracy
B. Precision
C. Grade
D. Quality
Correct Answer: A

A project manager is estimating project activities using an algorithm to calculate costs or durations. What is this
technique called?
A. Analogous estimating
B. Three-point estimating
C. Parametric estimating
D. Bottom-up estimating
Correct Answer: C

The activity of tailoring is necessary because:
A. The members of the project team need to select the appropriate order of every tool, technique, input, and output
listed in the PMBOK Guide; this is required for all projects.
B. Each project is unique, and the members of the project team should select the appropriate tools, techniques, inputs,
and outputs from the PMBOK Guide.
C. The members of the project team need to understand the PMBOK Guide processes, which are applied to all
D. Each project is unique, and the project team must plan how to apply all the tools, techniques, inputs, and outputs in
the PMBOK Guide.
Correct Answer: B

Plan-do-check-act is also known as:
A. prevention over inspection.
B. statistical sampling.
C. management responsibility.
D. continuous improvement.
Correct Answer: D

What are the inputs of the Estimate Costs process?
A. Project management plan, work performance data, enterprise environmental factors, and organizational process
B. Project management plan, project documents, enterprise environmental factors, and organizational process assets
C. Cost baseline, enterprise environmental factors, benefits management plan, and organizational process assets
D. Project management plan, enterprise environmental factors, basis of estimates, and organizational process assets
Correct Answer: B

The process of identifying specific actions to be performed to produce project deliverables is:
A. Define Activities.
B. Create WBS.
C. Define Scope.
D. Develop Schedule.
Correct Answer: A

For the given information:

CAPM exam questions-q12

Activity A, duration 5 days, predecessors: none Activity B, duration 3 days, predecessors: none Activity C, duration 6
days, predecessors: A and B Activity D, duration 7 days, predecessors: B Activity E, duration 4 days, predecessors: C
and D Activity F, duration 2 days, predecessors: E and B
Which of the following shows the project\\’s critical path?
A. Start, B, F, Finish
B. Start, B, C, E, F, Finish
C. Start, B, D, E, F, Finish
D. Start, A, C, E, F, Finish
Correct Answer: B

Which conflict resolution technique searches for solutions that bring some degree of satisfaction to all parties in order to
temporarily or partially resolve the conflict?
A. Force/direct
B. Withdraw/avoid
C. Compromise/reconcile
D. Collaborate/problem solve
Correct Answer: C

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