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Practice ServiceNow CIS-RC exam question 1-13

Which of the following are scoped applications related to the Risk and Compliance applications? (Choose four.)
A. GRC: GRC Profiles
B. GRC: Attestation Design
C. GRC: UCF Compliance
D. GRC: Policy and Compliance
E. GRC: Performance Analytics
F. GRC: Risk Management
Correct Answer: BDEF

Which of the following extends from items?
A. Citation
B. Controls
C. Issue
D. Policy
Correct Answer: D

Why would you create Entity classes?
A. To show relationships between tables or objects you are tracking that doesn\\’t otherwise exist anywhere in
B. To be assigned to risk statements, which generate risks for every Entity listed in the Entity Class
C. To be assigned to Control Objectives, which generate Controls for every Entity listed in the Entity class
D. To show relationships between Entities and Policies and map them directory to Citations
Correct Answer: C
Reference: https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/orlando-governance-risk-compliance/page/product/grc-common/task/t_CreateProfileTypes.ht

Which role(s) has the capability to create Policies? Choose two.)
A. Compliance Manager
B. Compliance admin
C. Compliance User
D. Risk Manager
Correct Answer: AB
Reference: https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/orlando-governance-risk-compliance/page/product/grc-policy-andcompliance/task/t_DefineAPolicy.html

GRC Options in Interactive Filters are only available through which feature?
A. GRC Filtering
B. Metrics Reporting
C. Performance Analytics
D. Trending Analytics
Correct Answer: C

Which tables extend the Content (sn_grc_content) table? (Choose two.)
A. sn_compliance_citation
B. sn_grc_issue
C. sn_compliance_policy_statement
D. sn_risk_risk
Correct Answer: AC
Reference: https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/orlando-governance-risk-compliance/page/product/grc-policy-andcompliance/reference/r_InstallWPolAndCompl.html

The Risk thresholds in the Risk Criteria Matrix (default values) do not line up with company needs. What should you
A. Configure the Risk Criteria in ServiceNow
B. Identify Risk that will benefit from the default values
C. Demonstrate Risk scoring scenarios using the default values
D. Use the default values to determine new company approach
Correct Answer: A

Which GRC application would you use to manage internal or external consultancy processes that aim to prove the
effectiveness of controls?
A. Audit Management
B. Risk Management
C. Vendor Risk Management
D. Policy and Compliance Management
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/orlando-governance-risk-compliance/page/product/grc-policy-andcompliance/reference/r_PolicyComplianceMgmt.html

When calculating compliance scores, what is true about the weighting of Controls? (Choose two.)
A. Controls are not weighted equally by default
B. The weight cannot be changed
C. The default value is 10
D. The weight of the Control is set when the Control is created
Correct Answer: CD
Reference: https://community.servicenow.com/community?id=community_questionandsys_id=bc450789dbf393802be0a851ca961948

The SOX content pack includes a series of policies, control, risks. How are all of these components linked together?
A. Mapping File
B. Manually
C. Automatically
D. Batch import
Correct Answer: C

Control Failure Factor represents the impact of Control Failures on what score?
A. Inherent
B. Residual
C. Total
D. Calculated
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/orlando-governance-risk-compliance/page/product/grcrisk/task/t_CreateRisk.html

There is a direct relationship between Entity Class and Entity Type when:
A. They have the same Entity Types
B. There is no direct relationship
C. They have the same Entities
D. They leverage the same reporting
Correct Answer: A

Which filter navigation syntax displays the table in a list view within a separate browser tab?
A. Tablename_LIST
B. Tablename.list
C. Tablename.LIST
D. Tablename.List
Correct Answer: C
Reference: https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/orlando-platform-user-interface/page/administer/navigation-andui/task/t_NavigateDirectlyToATable.html


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