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Which two commands is used to remove VLAN 55 from the trunk port? (Choose two.)
A. switchport trunk allowed vlan add 3, remove 55
B. switchport trunk allowed vlan remove 55
C. switchport trunk allowed vlan except 55
Correct Answer: BC

It a switch stack is configured to used SDM templates, where are the templates stored?
A. stack master
B. TFTP server
C. flash memory
D. all stack members
Correct Answer: A

Which option is the minimum frame size for an 802.1Q frame?
A. 64 bytes
B. 68 bytes
C. 1518 bytes
D. 1522 bytes
Correct Answer: B

A question with two VRRP routers and there is an IP reachability
A. When R1 lose route to 10.x.x.x then R2 will take mastership because it will be decrement of 20 the priority of R1 is
Correct Answer: A

A network engineer deployed a switch that operates the LAN base feature set and decides to use the SDM VLAN
template. The SDM template is causing the CPU of the switch to spike during peak working hours. What is the root
cause of this issue?
A. The VLAN receives additional frames from neighboring switches.
B. The SDM VLAN template causes the MAC address-table to overflow.
C. The VLAN template disables routing in hardware.
D. The switch needs to be rebooted before the SDM template takes effect.
Correct Answer: C
SDM Template Notes:
All templates are predefined. There is no way to edit template category individual values.
The switch reload is required to use a new SDM template.
The ACL merge algorithm, as opposed to the original access control entries (ACEs) configured by the user, generate
the number of TCAM entries listed for security and QoS ACEs. The first eight lines (up to Security ACEs) represent
approximate hardware boundaries set when a template is used. If the boundary is exceeded, all processing overflow is
sent to the CPU which can have a major impact on the performance of the switch. Choosing the VLAN template will
actually disable routing (number of entry for unicast or multicast route is zero) in hardware. Reference:


which mechanism is specific for RSPAN and not for SPAN?
A. source port
B. monitor port
C. reflector port
D. redundant port
E. destination port
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer entered the no spanning-tree bpduguard enable on interface Fa1/0/7 command. Which
statement describes the effect of this command?pass4itsure 300-115 exam question q7

A. Interface Fa1/0/7 remains in err-disabled state until the shutdown/no shutdown command is entered in the interface
configuration mode.
B. Interface Fa1/0/7 returns to an up and operational state.
C. Interface Fa1/0/7 remains in err-disabled state until the spanning-tree portfast bpuguard disable command is entered
in the interface configuration mode.
D. Interface Fa1/0/7 remains in err-disabled state until the errdisable recovery bpduguard command is entered in the
interface configuration mode.
E. Interface Fa1/0/7 remains in err-disabled state until the errdisable recovery cause bpduguard command is entered in
the interface configuration mode.
Correct Answer: A

Which option is the values of the Tag Protocol Identifier for an 802.1Q tagged frame?
A. 0X0806
B. 0X88E
C. 0X8100
D. 0X0800
Correct Answer: C


Refer to the exhibit.pass4itsure 300-115 exam question q9

Which path does PC1 take to reach DSW1?
A. PC1 goes from ALSW1 to DSW2 to reach DSW1.
B. PC1 goes from ALSW1 to DSW1
C. PC1 goes from ALSW1 to ALSW2 to reach DSW1.
D. PC1 goes from ALSW1 to DSW2 to ALSW2 to reach DSW1
E. PC1 goes from ALSW1 to DSW2 to CORE to reach DSW1.
Correct Answer: A

Which option is a CISCO recommended RSPAN configuration practice ?
A. Define RSPAN VLAN before configuring an RSPAN source and destination session.
B. Assign access ports to an RSPAN VLAN like any other campus VLAN.
C. Use a different RSPAN VLAN For each session if configuring RSPAN on multiple switches.
D. Use only one destination port for EACH RSPAN Session.
Correct Answer: A


Which of the following mandatory TLVs are valid for basic management? (Choose five.)
A. Port description TLV
B. System name TLV
C. System description
D. System capabilities TLV
E. Management address TLV
F. Isolated address TLV
G. Source and destination capabilities TLV
Correct Answer: ABCDE


What happens when configuring VLAN on switches running VTP server mode?
A. Host on the switch without router can communicate with other on the same VLAN.
B. VLAN created first will be native VLAN.
C. VLAN created should be propagated on switch on the same domain.
Correct Answer: C

Which two requirements for dot1q trunking in IOS are true? (Choose two.)
A. The native VLAN must have the same number on each side of the link
B. Spanning-tree PortFast must be enabled.
C. The encapsulation protocol must be the same on each end of the trunk.
D. MST must be running if extended VLANs are in use.
E. ISL must be enabled on the same link.
Correct Answer: AC

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