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Amazon AXS-C01 Exam Dumps

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Amazon AXS-C01 Practice Test 1-13

The information below details a portion of an interaction model in JSON: What is wrong with this interaction model?

AXS-C01 exam questions-q1

A. The intent naming convention is not valid in the situation.
B. The two intents do not have unique slots.
C. The two intents do not have unique utterances.
D. The JSON is not properly constructed and would cause an error.
Correct Answer: D

What are the prerequisites for implementing account linking for Amazon Alexa smart home skills?
A. OAuth 2.0 with either implicit grant flow or authorization code grant flow
B. OAuth 2.0 with authorization code grant flow
C. OpenID Connect wit JSON.Web Token (JWT)
D. OAuth 1.0/2.0 with implicit grant flow
Correct Answer: B
Reference: click here  

An Alexa Skill Builder is developing a skill that enables users to purchase train tickets. The Builder wants to give users
the ability to modify the departure time if they are misunderstood, before the skill proceeds to purchase the tickets.
Which option should be used to implement this functionality within the session?
A. Implement AMAZON.FallbackIntent so the user can stop the execution when they have been misunderstood.
B. Implement AMAZON.StopIntent so the user can stop the execution and implement reprompt with a new invocation of
the skill.
C. Implement AMAZON.CancelIntent so the user can cancel the order, then set shouldEndSession to false, and prompt
the user for the next action.
D. Implement the welcome message, providing clear instructions to the user describing how to format an order.
Correct Answer: C

An Alexa Skill Builder built a skill with the following interaction model: Which utterance would invoke HelloIntent?

AXS-C01 exam questions-q4

A. “Alexa, use my first skill to say hello.”
B. “Alexa, ask my first skill to say hello to John.”
C. “Alexa, open my first skill.”
D. “Alexa, say hello to my first skill.”
Correct Answer: D

An Alexa Skill Builder published a skill and now wants to update it.
Which of the following changes will make it necessary to have the skill re-certified? (Choose two.)
A. Adding a new intent in the interaction model
B. Changing the text of a skill response
C. Adding a sentence to the skill description
D. Changing the URL of the image on a skill card
E. Updating the backend to point to a new database
Correct Answer: DE

An Alexa Skill Builder is creating a skill that requires the user to authenticate by speaking a PIN before an order status
can be retrieved. According to best practices, how should the PIN value be collected?
A. Use AMAZON.SearchQuery
C. Use multiple slots of type AMAZON.NUMBER
D. Use a custom slot with zero to nine as values.
Correct Answer: D

An Alexa Builder is working on a skill for music streaming. When a user says, “Alexa, stop” the skill needs to know
where the user was in the song, so that when returning to the skill in a new session, the song can pick up where it left
off. Which section of the following JSON contains the data indicating where the song left off?

AXS-C01 exam questions-q7

A. session.attributes
B. Context.AudioPlayer
C. session.user
D. context.System.device.supportedInterfaces.AudioPlayer
Correct Answer: C

An Alexa Skill Builder has published a skill to the Alexa Skills Store, but soon after realizes that Amazon Alexa is saying
an incorrect word in one of the responses. What is the recommended method for the Builder to correct this issue?
A. Correct the response in a new endpoint, and after updating the In Development version of the skill, redeploy it.
B. Access the In Development version of the skill, alter the intent that was causing the incorrect word, then resubmit the
skill for certification.
C. Edit the response in a new endpoint, and after updating the In Development version of the skill, resubmit it for
D. Correct the response in the existing endpoint of the Live version of the skill, then redeploy it.
Correct Answer: A

The namespace value in the header of the incoming directive for an Amazon Alexa smart home skill specifies the:
A. context of the message
B. capability interface of the message
C. endpoint specified in the message
D. control message for the directive
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://developer.amazon.com/en-US/docs/alexa/device-apis/alexa-errorresponse.html

An Alexa Skill Builder has created a custom skill about basketball including a HowToPlayBasketball intent. When
looking at the Intent History page in the developer console, the Builder sees that a number of users are asking the skill
how to play baseball. The Builder wants to add a relevant response directing the user back to the topic of basketball.
How should the Builder implement this?
A. Add AMAZON.FallbackIntent and respond with a message about baseball in the handler
B. Create a custom intent related to baseball, and when matched, provide a relevant response
C. Add more sample utterances related to baseball in the HowToPlayBasketball intent
D. Create a new custom baseball slot and add a slot-filling utterance to the HowToPlayBasketball intent.
Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://developer.amazon.com/blogs/alexa/post/c97f3bb7-9701-41e8-ac06-a3a44b9f1638/use-the-newfallback-intent-to-respond-gracefully-to-unexpected-customer-requests

An Alexa Skill Builder implemented the built-in intent AMAZON.HelpIntent. In some cases, users are asking for help
using phrases that are specific to a skill\\’s terminology. Amazon Alexa does not understand these phrases are help
requests, and they are not being routed to AMAZON.HelpIntent.
According to best practices, how can this situation be corrected?
A. Create custom intents using the help utterances that are specific to the skill, and remove AMAZON.HelpIntent.
B. Use AMAZON.FallbackIntent to capture spoken phrases that do not match AMAZON.HelpIntent, then determine if
the user needs help.
C. Define custom slots for AMAZON.HelpIntent to capture the additional details in the users\\’ help requests
D. Extend the standard built-in AMAZON.HelpIntent using additional samples in the skill\\’s interaction model
Correct Answer: D

An Alexa Skill Builder adds a colleague to a skill using the beta test feature. The colleague logs in to the developer
console to edit the interaction model and cannot see the skill. Why is this happening?
A. The colleague needs the ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR enablement.
B. The skill was not submitted for publishing.
C. The colleague was not made an administrator in the beta test tool.
D. The colleague has not been added to the skill\\’s developer account.
Correct Answer: C
Reference: https://developer.amazon.com/en-US/docs/alexa/custom-skills/skills-beta-testing-for-alexa-skills.html

An Alexa Skill Builder is developing a skill using AWS Lambda. When invoking the skill, Amazon Alexa responds “There
was a problem with the requested skill\\’s response.” The following message is displayed in Amazon CloudWatch Logs
for the Lambda function.

Actual4tests AXS-C01 exam questions-q13

Which of the following actions will resolve the problem?
A. Define a new intent named Unhandled in the skill interaction model and add an Unhandled intent handler to the
Lambda function.
B. Add an .addErrorHandlers() attribute to the SkillBuilder object and define a function to display detailed information
about the error, then respond verbally to the user.
C. Add an intent handler for the SessionEndedRequest intent to the Lambda function to display detailed information
about the error.
D. Add additional logic to the AMAZON.StopIntent handler in the Lambda function to display detailed information about
the error.
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://forums.developer.amazon.com/questions/201658/input-request-reason-error-type-invalidresponse-1.html

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