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Latest EMC Technology Architect E20-526 exam practice test

A storage administrator has 20 TB of storage provisioned to their ESXi cluster from a 10 TB XtremIO storage array. The
administrator is concerned about running out of physical capacity on the XtremIO.
Which recommendation will assist the administrator?
B. Increase the compression ratio on the XtremIO
D. Thick provisioned eager zero all VM virtual disks
Correct Answer: A
TPSTUN is a VAAI primitive that enables the array to notify vSphere when a LUN is running out of space due to thin
provisioning over-commit. The command causes suspending all virtual machines on that LUN. XtremIO supports this
VAAI primitive.
Incorrect Answers:
C: The XtremIO features for VAAI support include:
Clone Blocks/Full Copy/XCOPY
Used for copying or migrating data within the same physical array (VMware term: HardwareAcceleratedMove).
On XtremIO, this allows VM cloning to take place almost instantaneously, without affecting user I/O on active VMs.
D: The XtremIO features for VAAI support include: Zero Blocks/Write Same
Used for zeroing-out disk regions (VMware term: HardwareAcceleratedInit).
This feature provides accelerated volume formatting.
References: https://itzikr.wordpress.com/2015/12/16/host-configuration-for-vmware-vsphere-on-emc-xtremio/

A customer\\’s storage administration team wants to receive e-mail notifications when the XtremIO cluster detects an
issue of major seventy. The customer has successfully configured and tested the e-mail server in the XtremIO GUI.
However, the e-mail server is not receiving the expected notifications when major severity issues appear.
What is the cause of this issue?
A. Alert definitions have not been defined
B. Event handlers have not been defined
C. Public reports have not been defined
D. Private reports have not been defined
Correct Answer: A

An XtremIO administrator is having a problem with performance and is troubleshooting the issue. What is an accurate
statement about I/O transfers?
A. As I/O size increases, IOPs increase, and latency increases
B. As I/O size increases, IOPs decrease, and bandwidth increases
C. As I/O size decreases, IOPs increase, and bandwidth increases
D. As I/O size decreases, IOPs decrease, and latency increases
Correct Answer: A
Large block I/O by nature incurs higher latency.
References: Introduction to the EMC XtremIO STORAGE ARRAY (April 2015), page 6

When creating XtremIO volumes for a host, which operating systems will benefit by changing the default logical block
size for applications consisting of 4 KB I/Os?
A. Microsoft Windows and RHEL
B. VMware ESX and Microsoft Windows
D. Sun Solaris and HP-UX
Correct Answer: B
With VMware ESX 5.5, the VMware hypervisor cannot work with LUNs that use a logical block size of 4K. When using
VMware, be sure to specify Normal (512 LBs) from your XtremIO array. References:

A customer wants to use the Cinder driver to manage XtremIO storage in an OpenStack environment. What is a
potential concern?
A. Compression is not supported
B. Deduplication is not supported
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C. Snapshots of snapshots are not supported
D. Volume expansion cannot be reversed
Correct Answer: D
Incorrect Answers:
B: OpenStack Cinder features include:
Clone a volume: With inline deduplication, compression and thin provisioning.
C, D: EMC XtremIO OpenStack Block Storage driver, supported operations: Create, delete, clone, attach, and detach
volumes Create and delete volume snapshots Create a volume from a snapshot Copy an image to a volume Copy a
volume to an image Extend a volume
References: https://docs.openstack.org/juno/config-reference/content/XtremIO-cinder-driver.html

A customer has a group of applications that need storage which can provide low response times. The total I/O
requirements are 75,000 IOPs with a 4 kB block size. They will have 500 LUNs and need to keep 30 daily snapshots of
each LUN. What is the smallest XtremIO configuration that will meet their needs?
A. 1 cluster with 2 X-Bricks
B. 1 cluster with 4 X-Bricks
C. 2 clusters with 1 X-Brick each
D. 2 clusters with 2 X-Bricks each
Correct Answer: A

You have worked with a customer to successfully evaluate their existing server environment using the MiTrend data
analysis tool. You have collected the resulting reports and aggregated the data set. You determine the customer\\’s
application workload generates a 50:50 read/write ratio with an average of 500K IOPs during peak business hours.
Which recommended XtremIO model meets the customer\\’s needs?
A. Starter X-Brick cluster
B. Single X-Brick cluster
C. Two X-Brick cluster
D. Four X-Brick cluster
Correct Answer: D

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References: https://store.emc.com/en-us/Product-Family/EMC-XtremIO-Products/EMC-XtremIO-All-Flash-Scale-OutArray/p/EMC-XtremIO-Flash-Scale-Out

When using the XtremIO PoC Toolkit, what is the purpose of the Age phase?
A. Continuously write to a specific range of logical block addresses to test Flash durability
B. Overwrite each LUN multiple times to ensure they contain all unique data
C. Test the performance of the All-Flash array with non-production static data
D. Scatter writes across the entire array to simulate ordinary use of the system
Correct Answer: D
Proceed with filesystem aging by doing random overwrite cycles.

A customer has a requirement to replicate their VDI to a newly purchased data center located 5 miles away. They
require 10-day retention at each site and a continuous replication RPO. However, they want to have the same storage
platform at each site. They have a limited budget but need to meet their requirements.
Which solution should be recommended to the customer?
A. XtremIO and OpenStack
B. XtremIO with VPLEX and RecoverPoint
C. XtremIO and RecoverPoint
D. XtremIO and MirrorView/A replication
Correct Answer: C
The EMC RecoverPoint family provides cost-effective, local continuous data protection (CDP), continuous remote
replication (CRR), and continuous local and remote replication (CLR) that allows for any-point-in-time data recovery and
a new
“snap and replicate” mechanism for local and remote replication (XRP).
Native replication support for XtremIO
The native replication support for XtremIO is designed for high-performance and low-latency applications that provides a
low Recovery Point Objective of one minute or less and immediate RTO.
The benefits include:
Block level remote or local replication
Asynchronous local and remote replication
Policy-based replication to enable optimizing storage and network resources, while obtaining desired RPO and RTO
Application-aware integration
Incorrect Answers:
A: OpenStack is the open platform for managing private and public clouds.
B: XtremIO with VPLEX and RecoverPoint is a valid solution, but it would be more costly.
References: Introduction to the EMC XtremIO STORAGE ARRAY (April 2015), page 52

A storage administrator wants to add a volume to their XtremIO storage array using the RESTful API. Which RESTful
method should be used to complete this task?
Correct Answer: A
An example of a generic wrapper function that queries XtremIO REST API using HTTP/POST to create a new object
with specified properties.

Actual4tests e20-526 exam questions-q10

References: https://www.emc.com/collateral/white-papers/h14980-wp-accelerate-sql-lifecycle-management.pdf

When installing a physical XtremIO Management Server (XMS) station, which requirement must be met?
A. XMS must be able to access one of the management ports on one X-Brick storage controller in the cluster
B. XMS must be able to access only the management ports on the first X-Brick\\’s storage controllers
C. XMS must be able to access all management ports on the X-Brick storage controllers
D. XMS must be able to access all management ports on at least two X-Brick storage controllers in the cluster
Correct Answer: C
The XMS must access all management ports on the X-Brick Storage Controllers, and must be accessible by any
GUI/CLI client host machine. References: Introduction to the EMC XtremIO STORAGE ARRAY (April 2015), page 48

Based on XtremIO best practice, which byte sector size should be used for volumes hosting Oracle database files?
A. 256
B. 512
C. 1024
D. 4096
Correct Answer: D
Architecting a database on an All Flash Array (AFA) like EMC\\’s XtremIO is best done by reviewing practices to
optimize I/O performance. One consideration is the use of Advanced Format and how it impacts the performance of the
database Redo logs. Advanced Format refers to a new physical sector size of 4096 bytes (4KB) replacing original 512
byte standard.
References: https://community.emc.com/community/connect/everything_oracle/blog/2014/07/18/xtremio-best-practicesadvanced-format-512e-and-native-modes 

You are designing an XtremIO solution for a potential customer. If the server and storage information is available, which
information should be documented regarding the customer\\’s capacity expectations?
A. Capacity requirements on a per data center basis Expandability/scalability Performance requirements determined on
a server-to-server basis
B. Capacity requirements on a per volume basis Expandability/scalability Performance requirements determined on a
server-to-server basis
C. Capacity requirements on a per volume basis Compression rates/scalability Performance requirements determined
on a server-to-server basis
D. Capacity requirements on a per data center basis Expandability/scalability Performance requirements determined
Correct Answer: B

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