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Amazon CLF-C01 Exam Dumps

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Amazon other exam practice questions!

Amazon AWS Certified Foundational CLF-C01 Practice Test 1-13

The AWS Cost Management tools give users the ability to do which of the following? (Choose two.)
A. Terminate all AWS resources automatically if budget thresholds are exceeded.
B. Break down AWS costs by day, service, and linked AWS account.
C. Create budgets and receive notifications if current of forecasted usage exceeds the budgets.
D. Switch automatically to Reserved Instances or Spot Instances, whichever is most cost-effective.
E. Move data stored in Amazon S3 to a more cost-effective storage class.
Correct Answer: CD

A company with a Developer-level AWS Support plan provisioned an Amazon RDS database and cannot do it.
Who should the developer contact for this level of support?
A. AWS Support using a support case
B. AWS Professional Services
C. AWS Technical Account Manager
D. AWS consulting partners
Correct Answer: A

What is a user responsible for when running an application in the AWS Cloud?
A. Managing physical hardware
B. Updating the underlying hypervisor
C. Providing a list of users approved for data center access
D. Managing application software updates
Correct Answer: D
Reference: click here

Under the shared responsibility model; which of the following areas are the customer\\’s responsibility? (Choose two.)
A. Firmware upgrades of network infrastructure
B. Patching of operating systems
C. Patching of the underlying hypervisor
D. Physical security of data centers
E. Configuration of the security group
Correct Answer: BE
Reference: click here

Which task is AWS responsible for in the shared responsibility model for security and compliance?
A. Granting access to individuals and services
B. Encrypting data in transit
C. Updating Amazon EC2 host firmware
D. Updating operating systems
Correct Answer: B
AWS Compliance enables customers to establish and operate in an AWS security control environment The shared
responsibility model is part of AWS Compliance program The Security of the cloud is managed by Amazon AWS
provider The Security in the cloud is responsibility of the customer The customer is responsible for their information and
data, their secure transmission, integrity, and encryption Also, the customer is responsible for managing, support,
patching and control of the guest operating system and AWS services provided like EC2 AWS customers retain control
and ownership of their data The AWS network provides significant protection against traditional network security issues
and the customer can implement further protection
Reference: click here 

Which managed AWS service provides real-time guidance on AWS security best practices?
A. AWS X-Ray
B. AWS Trusted Advisor
C. Amazon CloudWatch
D. AWS Systems Manager
Correct Answer: B
AWS offers premium services such as AWS Trusted Advisor, which provides real-time guidance to help you reduce
cost, increase performance, and improve security.
Reference: click here

After selecting an Amazon EC2 Dedicated Host reservation, which pricing option would provide the largest discount?
A. No upfront payment
B. Hourly on-demand payment
C. Partial upfront payment
D. All upfront payment
Correct Answer: D
Reference: click here 

Which AWS tools or services can be used to list all AWS Lambda functions running in an account? (Select TWO)
B. AWS CloudFormation
C. AWS CloudTrail
D. Amazon Cloud Directory
Correct Answer: AE

A company wants to set up a highly available workload in AWS with a disaster recovery plan that will allow the company
to recover in case of a regional service interruption.
Which configuration will meet these requirements?
A. Run on two Availability Zones in one AWS Region, using the additional Availability Zones in the AWS Region for the
disaster recovery site.
B. Run on two Availability Zones in one AWS Region, using another AWS Region for the disaster recovery site.
C. Run on two Availability Zones in one AWS Region, using a local AWS Region for the disaster recovery site.
D. Run across two AWS Regions, using a third AWS Region for the disaster recovery site.
Correct Answer: A
Reference: click here

A company is planning to launch a new steady-state workload on AWS that must be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week.
What is the MOST cost-effective Amazon EC2 pricing option?
A. On-Demand Instances
B. Spot Instances
C. Reserved Instances
D. Dedicated Hosts
Correct Answer: A

Under the AWS shared responsibility model, what are the customer\\’s responsibilities? (Choose two.)
A. Physical and environmental security
B. Physical network devices including firewalls
C. Storage device decommissioning
D. Security of data in transit
E. Data integrity authentication
Correct Answer: DE

How do Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling groups help achieve high availability for a web application?
A. They automatically add more instances across multiple AWS Regions based on global demand of the application.
B. They automatically add or replace instances across multiple Availability Zones when the application needs it.
C. They enable the application\\’s static content to reside closer to end users.
D. They are able to distribute incoming requests across a tier of web server instances.
Correct Answer: B
When the unhealthy Availability Zone returns to a healthy state, Auto Scaling automatically redistributes the application
instances evenly across all of the designated Availability Zones. Reference: click here

What are the multiple, isolated locations within an AWS Region that are connected by low-latency networks called?
A. AWS Direct Connects
B. Amazon VPCs
C. Edge locations
D. Availability Zones
Correct Answer: D
Each Region is completely independent. Each Availability Zone is isolated, but the Availability Zones in a Region are
connected through low-latency links. A Local Zone is an AWS infrastructure deployment that places select services
closer to your end users. A Local Zone is an extension of a Region that is in a different location from your Region. It
provides a high-bandwidth backbone to the AWS infrastructure and is ideal for latency-sensitive applications, for
example machine learning. Reference: click here 

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