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Amazon DVA-C01 Exam Dumps

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Amazon AWS Certified Associate DVA-C01 Practice Test 1-13

A company has a website that is developed in PHP and WordPress and is launched using AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
There is a new version of the website that needs to be deployed in the Elastic Beanstalk environment. The company
cannot tolerate having the website offline if an update fails. Deployments must have minimal impact and rollback as
soon as possible.
What deployment method should be used?
A. All at once
B. Rolling
C. Snapshots
D. Immutable
Correct Answer: D
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A social media company is using Amazon Cognito in order to synchronize profiles across different mobile devices, to
enable end users to have a seamless experience. Which of the following configurations can be used to silently notify
users whenever an update is available on all other devices?
A. Modify the user pool to include all the devices which keep them in sync.
B. Use the SyncCallback interface to receive notifications on the application.
C. Use an Amazon Cognito stream to analyze the data and push the notifications.
D. Use the push synchronization feature with the appropriate IAM role.
Correct Answer: D
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An e-commerce site allows returning users to log in to display customized web pages. The workflow is shown in the
image below: An application is running on EC2 instances. Amazon RDS is used for the database that stores user
accounts and preferences. The website freezes or is slow to load while waiting for the login step to complete. The
remaining components of the site are well-optimized.

DVA-C01 exam questions-q3

Which of the following techniques will resolve this issue? (Select Two.)
A. Implement the user login page as an asynchronous Lambda function.
B. Use Amazon ElastiCache for MemCached to cache user data.
C. Use Amazon Application Load Balancer to load balance the traffic to the website.
D. Call the database asynchronously so the code can continue executing.
E. Batch login requests from hundreds of users together as a single read request to the database.
Correct Answer: BD
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An Amazon RDS database instance is used by many applications to look up historical data. The query rate is relatively
constant. When the historical data is updated each day, the resulting write traffic slows the read query performance and
affects all application users.
What can be done to eliminate the performance impact on application users?
A. Make sure Amazon RDS is Multi-AZ so it can better absorb increased traffic.

B. Create an RDS Read Replica and direct all read traffic to the replica.
C. Implement Amazon ElastiCache in front of Amazon RDS to buffer the write traffic.
D. Use Amazon DynamoDB instead of Amazon RDS to buffer the read traffic.
Correct Answer: B

A customer wants to deploy its source code on an AWS Elastic Beanstalk environment. The customer needs to perform
deployment with minimal outage and should only use existing instances to retain application access log.
What deployment policy would satisfy these requirements?
A. Rolling
B. All at once
C. Rolling with an additional batch
D. Immutable
Correct Answer: A

An application is using Amazon DynamoDB as its data store, and should be able to read 100 items per second as
strongly consistent reads. Each item is 5 KB in size. To what value should the table\\’s provisioned read throughput be
A. 50 read capacity units
B. 100 read capacity units
C. 200 read capacity units
D. 500 read capacity unitsc
Correct Answer: C

Where can PortMapping be defined when launching containers in Amazon ECS?
A. Security groups
B. Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amzon ECR)
C. Container agent
D. Task definition
Correct Answer: D

An organization must store thousands of sensitive audio and video files in an Amazon S3 bucket.
Organizational security policies require that all data written to this bucket be encrypted.
How can compliance with this policy be ensured?
A. Use AWS Lambda to send notifications to the security team if unencrypted objects are pun in the bucket.
B. Configure an Amazon S3 bucket policy to prevent the upload of objects that do not contain the x-amzserver-sideencryption header.
C. Create an Amazon CloudWatch event rule to verify that all objects stored in the Amazon S3 bucket are encrypted.
D. Configure an Amazon S3 bucket policy to prevent the upload of objects that contain the x-amz-server-sideencryption
Correct Answer: B

A developer wants to insert a record into an Amazon DynamoDB table as soon as a new file is added to an Amazon S3
bucket. Which set of steps would be necessary to achieve this?
A. Create an event with Amazon CloudWatch Events that will monitor the S3 bucket and then insert the records into
B. Configure an S3 event to invoke a Lambda function that inserts records into DynamoDB
C. Create a Lambda function that will poll the S3 bucket and then insert the records into DynamoDB.
D. Create a cron job that will run at a scheduled time and insert the records into DynamoDB
Correct Answer: A

Which features can be used to restrict access to data in S3? Choose 2 answers
A. Use S3 Virtual Hosting
B. Set an S3 Bucket policy.
C. Enable IAM Identity Federation.
D. Set an S3 ACL on the bucket or the object.
E. Create a CloudFront distribution for the bucket
Correct Answer: BD
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A static website is hosted in an Amazon S3 bucket. Several HTML pages on the site use JavaScript to download
images from another Amazon S3 bucket. These images are not displayed when users browse the site. What is the
possible cause for the issue?
A. The referenced Amazon S3 bucket is in another region.
B. The images must be stored in the same Amazon S3 bucket.
C. Port 80 must be opened on the security group in which the Amazon S3 bucket is located.
D. Cross Origin Resource Sharing must be enabled on the Amazon S3 bucket.
Correct Answer: D

A Developer is writing a mobile application that allows users to view images from an S3 bucket. The users must be able
to log in with their Amazon login, as well as Facebook?and/or Google?accounts. How can the Developer provide this
authentication functionality?
A. Use Amazon Cognito with web identity federation.
B. Use Amazon Cognito with SAML-based identity federation.
C. Use AWS IAM Access/Secret keys in the application code to allow Get* on the S3 bucket.
D. Use AWS STS AssumeRole in the application code and assume a role with Get* permissions on the S3 bucket.
Correct Answer: A

A Developer must build an application that uses Amazon DynamoDB. The requirements state that items being stored in
the DynamoDB table will be 7KB in size and that reads must be strongly consistent. The maximum read rate is 3 items
per second, and the maximum write rate is 10 items per second.
How should the Developer size the DynamoDB table to meet these requirements?
A. Read: 3 read capacity units Write: 70 write capacity units
B. Read: 6 read capacity units Write: 70 write capacity units
C. Read: 6 read capacity units Write: 10 write capacity units
D. Read: 3 read capacity units Write: 10 write capacity units
Correct Answer: B
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