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VMware 2V0-31.19 Exam Dumps

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VMware VCP-CMA 2019 2V0-31.19 Practice Test 1-13

A tenant administrator would like to initiate a reclamation request for underutilized virtual machines in their vRealize
Automation environment. The tenant administrator selects the candidate deployment and sends a reclamation request
to the owners of the virtual machines.
What happens if the virtual machine owners do not respond to the reclamation request in a timely manner?
A. The virtual machine is immediately expired and powered off.
B. The virtual machine gets a new lease as determined by the administrator.
C. The virtual machine continues to run and expires per the lease terms defined in the blueprint.
D. The virtual machine is immediately expired and deleted.
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://docs.vmware.com/en/vRealize-Automation/7.5/com.vmware.vra.prepare.use.doc/GUIDB9BE9E52-8DC6-477C-824E-9BA7F8F2A311.html

A vRealize Automation administrator notices that when requesting a specific blueprint, machines are provisioned to
different compute resources.
Which two tasks should the administrator complete to ensure that the machines provisioned from the blueprint are
always placed on the same compute resource? (Choose two.)
A. Create a new reservation and assign it to a business group.
B. Assign a reservation to a compute resource.
C. Create a new fabric group.
D. Assign a reservation policy to the blueprint.
E. Create a reservation policy and assign it to a single reservation.
Correct Answer: BC

Which two methods can be used to ensure users enter a valid value in custom forms? (Choose two.)
A. Use constraints with pre-defined values in the form.
B. Use an image field in the form.
C. Use an external validation (such as with vRealize Orchestrator) in the form.
D. Use a text field in the form.
E. Use a bind variable in the form.
Correct Answer: AC
Reference: https://docs.vmware.com/en/vRealize-Automation/7.4/com.vmware.vra.prepare.use.doc/GUIDEC796A7F-545E-46CF-B560-2B4B7F00552A.html

A user needs to lease a machine for 14 days. The request is in approval for three days with his manager before being
provisioned. How many days will the machine be active before expiration?
A. 14
B. 17
C. 10
D. 11
Correct Answer: A

A vRealize Automation user provisions virtual machines (VMs) but complains that the machine prefix for his VMs does
not match that of his business group. The vRealize Automation administrator confirms that the blueprint component has
the machine prefix set to “Use Group Default.”
Which step should be the administrator take to fix the issue with the incorrect machine prefix?
A. Assign a new machine prefix to the reservation.
B. Select the required machine prefix in the business group settings.
C. Select the required machine prefix in the fabric group.
D. Assign a new machine prefix to the vSphere endpoint.
Correct Answer: B

What is a valid way of specifying a network profile for a virtual machine in a blueprint?
A. Creating a NAT network profile
B. Configuring a custom property
C. Creating a machine prefix
D. Using a network range in the network profile
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://docs.vmware.com/en/vRealize-Automation/6.2/com.vmware.vra.iaas.cloud.doc/GUID-7BE9D169-E51

What can be used in custom forms to prevent a user from entering too large a value (such as too much memory for a
virtual machine)?
A. Constraints for a field
B. Regular expression for a field
C. Quotas for a field
D. Limitations for a field
Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://docs.vmware.com/en/vRealizeAutomation/7.5/com.vmware.vra.prepare.use.doc/GUID-4AF1AB3F-0ABD-4C8B-BE16-23B0E9057EBA.html

An administrator is part of multiple business groups. One group is only entitled to power on and power off virtual
machines and the other group is only entitled to destroy the virtual machines. Which actions will able available to the
administrator when a machine is deployed?
A. Power on, power off and destroy
B. Destroy only
C. Power off and destroy only
D. Power off and power off only
Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://docs.vmware.com/en/vRealizeAutomation/7.3/com.vmware.vra.prepare.use.doc/GUID-419B6905-E84F-409F-A7A3-C5AB8CDFBA7E.html

Which two roles can import a blueprint from the VMware Marketplace? (Choose two.)
A. Infrastructure architect role
B. Software architect role
C. Catalog administrator role
D. Business group administrator role
E. Application architect role
Correct Answer: AB
Reference: http://www.vmtocloud.com/how-to-import-vra7-blueprints-as-code/

Which role is required in vRealize Automation to add a vCenter endpoint to vRealize Business for Cloud?
A. Business group manager
B. Infrastructure administrator
C. Business management controller
D. Business management administrator
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://cloudadvisors.net/vmware-vrealize-7-chapter-7-tenant-implementation/

What is the role of the Proxy Agent?
A. Communicate with hypervisor endpoints
B. Communicate with hypervisor and cloud endpoints
C. Communicate with cloud endpoints
D. Communicate with vCenter endpoints
Correct Answer: C
Reference: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Validated-Design/4.2/com.vmware.vvd.sddcdesign.doc/GUID-6158120D-C982-4F27-B1D3-4BCB46254FCF.html

An administrator needs to configure a blueprint to provision OVF machines from an external HTTP server where the
OVF resides. Which two steps should the administrator take to provision the OVF machines? (Choose two.)
A. Configure the provisioning workflow settings as ImportOvfWorkflow.
B. Specify customization specification.
C. Specify the URL location of the OVF file present.
D. Run data collection.
E. Run the OVF directly from vCenter.
Correct Answer: AB

Which two actions can be completed using vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager? (Choose two.)
A. Add components to a vRealize Automation product deployment.
B. Upgrade vRealize Automation.
C. Remove components from a vRealize Automation product deployment.
D. Create vRealize Automation business groups.
E. Manage vRealize Automation tenants.
Correct Answer: AB
Reference: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-vRealize-Suite-Lifecycle-Manager/2018/vrealize-lifecyclemanager-21-installation-upgrade-and-management.pdf

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