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PMI PMP (Project Management Professional – 2022 New Version) Exam Questions


Vendor A submitted a bid for US$500,000. There is a 65% probability that the vendor will deliver behind schedule with a cost overrun of US$ 100,000. The vendor will come in ahead of schedule for a savings of US$50,000. What should the
Does the project manager determine the value of the vendor\\’s bid?

A. US$650,000
B. US$452,500
C. US$547,500
D. US$582,500

Correct Answer: D


During a project status update by the project management office (PMO), the CEO is concerned that the status of all
projects suddenly changed from green to red, without warning. Upper management is used to reading traditional reports related to progress and cost, and they want to continue viewing this information.
How should the PMO implement a better way to report the project\\’s health?

A. Perform a root cause analysis (RCA) to find out why the status of projects is deteriorating so fast.
B. Explore reporting the earned value (EV) key performance indicators (KPIs) using agile progress as an input.
C. Ask the project managers to report on their projects using a Kanban board format.
D. Request the program managers to be more accurate when presenting status reports.

Correct Answer: B


While working on a poorly defined internal project, a project manager receives multiple change requests from senior
management. What should the project manager do first?

A. Identify how the proposed changes will benefit the project in relation to the business case.
B. Ask for a temporary budget increase to avoid cost overruns.
C. Keep the team motivated and incentivized to avoid exhaustion from working on a lengthy project.
D. Assess the schedule delay and begin implementation to avoid additional lags

Correct Answer: A


A project manager resigned from a recently approved project. A new project manager has been assigned to the project
and needs to determine the delegated authority. What should the new project manager do next?

A. Refer to the project charter
B. Review the project resource matrix
C. Assess the stakeholder register
D. Update the communications management plan

Correct Answer: A


As a result of the first iteration review, the stakeholders\\’ feedback indicated that they saw more technical features than business ones. What should the project manager do?

A. Include this topic in the next iteration retrospective
B. Review this topic with the product owner before the next iteration of planning
C. Discuss this topic with the team in the next daily meeting
D. Ask the product owner to review this topic in the next iteration of planning

Correct Answer: B


A company is initiating a project to enhance one of its existing products. All of its products are developed internally What should the project manager do?

A. Ensure the stakeholder engagement plan is accurate and properly documented.
B. Review the lessons learned from the previous project
C. Identify the risk of implementing the new solution and evaluate the impact on the project.
D. Create a lessons learned document for the initiation phase

Correct Answer: B


When the business objectives of an organization change, project goals need to be:

A. realigned.
B. performed.
C. improved.
D. controlled.

Correct Answer: A


A project manager has been assigned to a new digital product line, which the company hopes will boost its revenue.
The product is complex and requires customer feedback to continually refine the product. The project is being handled
by a cross-functional agile team.

What should the project manager do to ensure value is delivered quickly?

A. Plan the project to deliver value incrementally with regular releases.
B. Request a budget increase to pay the subject matter experts (SMEs) more overtime
C. Identify tasks that can run in parallel to deliver the project faster.
D. Ask the project sponsor to provide additional resources to fast track the project.

Correct Answer: A


A project manager is tracking a project, but a key stakeholder will not accept the project\’s key performance indicator
(KPI) results Which tool or technique should the project manager use?

A. Autocratic decision making
B. Expert judgment
C. Context diagram
D. Change control tools

Correct Answer: C


A project manager has been assigned to a software development project that will undergo several iterations until the
customer is satisfied.

Match the tool or technique on the left that the project manager should utilize to ensure tasks are efficiently managed to the correct task on the right.

Select and Place:

Correct Answer:


A project manager arranged a team-building activity to build and maintain teamwork, trust, and commitment due to
internal team conflicts. Two months after completing the training, another situation is causing new delays in the project.

What should the project manager do to address this concern?

A. Ask human resources (HR) to coordinate another activity.
B. Reassess the team situation and provide a proper solution.
C. Inform HR about the situation and ask for support.
D. Meet with the team to explain that conflicts must be addressed and solved.

Correct Answer: B


A project manager has been assigned to an important project that will help set the future of the company. Meanwhile,
the project management office (PMO) is implementing adaptive tools in a mostly predictive environment and has
requested that the project manager follow this process as well. However, the functional manager has expressed
concerns about the use of new tools on such an important project.

What should the project manager do?

A. Review the adaptive tools\’ impact and obtain agreement from the functional manager.
B. Follow the functional manager\’s recommendation to implement only predictive tools in the project.
C. Make the decision on which project approach to use that would best fit the project.
D. Follow the project management office\’s (PMOs) request to implement the adaptive tools in the project.

Correct Answer: C


A new team member on a self-organizing team is finding it difficult to deliver due to the new technology being used in
the project. What should the project manager do in this situation?

A. Request the team member to move to another team.
B. Delegate other team members to complete this team member\’s tasks.
C. Mentor the team member and provide the necessary training.
D. Include this team member in an improvement program through a human resources request.

Correct Answer: C

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