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MB6-704 dumps

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You are developing a solution by using X++. The solution updates multiple records. You need to ensure that if the solution attempts to modify records that currently are being edited by a user, the operation will be retried. Which type of exception should you handle?
A. Code Access Security
B. Sequence
C. Update Conflict
D. Deadlock
MB6-704 exam Correct Answer: C
Update Conflicts OCC makes it possible for other processes to update a record even after it has been fetched. You can catch update conflicts by catching the UpdateConflict and UpdateCo
Your company is performing a security audit. You need to provide a list of all the roles that have access to a form named Form l.
What should you do?
A. From the Dynamics AX client open System administration, click Common, click Users, and then click Users
B. From the File menu of the Dynamics AX client, click Tools and then click Options
C. From the Application Object Tree (AOT), right-click Form l, click Add-ins click Security tools, and then click View related security roles.
D. From the Application Object Tree (AOT), open Security, right-click a role, click Add-ins. click Security tools, and then click View related security objects.
Correct Answer: C
In the AOT, shortcut menus are available on some Application Object Tree (AOT) nodes to find security objects and roles that are related to a particular node. For the example of duties, the followin
You create a privilege to maintain vendor information. To which two elements can you add the privilege? Each correct answer presents a complete solu- tion.
A. Policies
B. Process Cycles
C. Duties
D. Roles
E. Permissions
MB6-704 dumps Correct Answer: BC
B: To add an existing duty or privilege to a process cycle, right-click the duty or privilege in the left pane, and then click
Copy. Right-click the process cycle, and then click Paste.
C: T
A table named Table 1 has a string field named Account Num. You have an instance of Table l named tablel. You need to print the value of Account Num to the info log. Which code segment should you use?
A. Info (tablel. Get Account Num ( ));
B. Info (tablel Account Num());
C. Info (int2str (tablel. Account Num));
D. Info (tablel. Account Num);
Correct Answer: D
Just reference using the standard tablename.tablefield syntax.
You need to set the code permission of an action menu item. Which property should you use?
A. Linked Permission Object
B. Configuration Key
C. Needed Access Level

D. Web Secure Transaction
MB6-704 pdf Correct Answer: A
Create a Menu Item Linked to a Code Permission You can create a menu item by following these steps:
1.Create the menu item TestMenuItem in the CodePermissionsProject project.
You need to identify which permission can be set only on a form that has date effective data. Which permission should you identify?
A. Correct
B. Create
C. Delete
D. Read
E. Update
Correct Answer: A
For example, you have a role where you set the PastDataAccess property to Read, the Current- DataAccess to Update,
and FutureDataAccess to Delete. The role also includes a privilege that cont
You have a table named Vend Table that contains a field named Main Contact Worker. Main Contact Worker is the reference Recid. Many records in the Vend Table table have the same value for Main Contact Worker. Users frequently search for data in the Vend Table table based on the Main Contact Worker field. You need to ensure that when the users create queries that include the Main Contact Worker field in the where clause, the query results are returned in the least amount of time possible. What should you create in Vend Table?
A. A unique index in Main Contact Worker
B. A surrogate key that is used as the primary index
C. A primary index for Main Contact Worker

D. A non-unique index in Main Contact Worker
MB6-704 pdf Correct Answer: B
For new tables the default is a primary key based on the RecId field. This is represented as the surrogate key in the user interface. PrimaryIndex: contains the surrogate key plus every index
Which two statements accurately describe the characteristics of X++?
A. Performs automatic garbage collection
B. Performs runtime checking
C. Supports method overloading
D. Supports explicit programmer-defined pointer data types
Correct Answer: AB
A: The basic strategy of the AX 2012 GC (garbage collection) is the same as it was even before AX 4. AX uses a deterministic GC to manage the lifetime of X++ objects and table buffers. The GC is de
You have the following X++ code: (Line numbers are included for reference only.)
MB6-704 dumps

Method l and method2 are in Class l. Method3 is in Class2. You need to set variablel for class l Obj to a value of 5. Which code segment should you insert at line 21?
A. classl Obj.methodl(5);
B. new Classl( ).methodl(5);
C. classl Obj.variable1 = 5;
D. this. variable l =5:
MB6-704 vce Correct Answer: A
All classes are public, but all member variables are implicitly private. Use a public Setter Accessor method, here method1, on Obj1 to change the variable of the other class.
You need to set up the context for an extensible data security (XDS) policy. Which security element should you use?
A. Permission
B. Duty
C. Role
D. Privilege
Correct Answer: C
Concepts of the XDS model include:
A policy context controls the circumstances under which a given policy applies. The policy is not enforced unless the
context is set.

MB6-704 dumps

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