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Which node does not produce a score code?

A. Concepts
B. Text Parsing
C. Topics
D. Sentiment

Correct Answer: C


(“Note: This is an interactive item Follow the instructions to answer the question Scroll bars may appear it the windows
are too bright Each window can be resized by dragging on the 5 circles located between windows)You are building a CNN for an image classification task Drag the layers on the left to the slots on the right in the appropriate order (from top to bottom) for this task You have the number of layers listed below:

Input Layer (1)
Output Layer (1)
Convolutional Layer (1)
Fully Connected Layer(2>
Pooling Layer(1)

Select and Place:


Given the code to score images:

What is the actual batch size?

A. 20
B. 2
C. 40
D. 10

Correct Answer: D


Which statements are TRUE about importing SAS Contextual Analysis projects into SAS Visual Text Analytics when
creating a new project? (Choose two)

A. All custom concepts and some predefined concept settings are imported
B. All machine-generated topics and sentiment scores are imported
C. All custom categories are imported
D. All sentiment classification and probability scores are imported

Correct Answer: BC


An analyst wants to identify terms that might be used as keywords to search a document collection looking for consumer comments related to price Using which SAS Visual Text Analytics node and feature would be most efficient for this business need?

A. The “create rule from selected elements” feature for the term price in the Textual Elements pane of the Categories
B. The “matched documents” feature for a custom PRICE concept in the Concepts node
C. The term table for a derived PRICE topic in the Topics node
D. The “show similarity scores” feature for the term price in the Kept Terms pane of the Text Parsing node

Correct Answer: C


What is the minimum information required in an input data set prior to creating a SAS Visual Text Analytics project?

A. A column of text
B. A column of text, a document ID, and a categorical group variable
C. A column of text and a categorical group variable
D. A column of text and a document ID

Correct Answer: D


Fill in the blanks in the code extracted from the source code download from a Category node.
Your goal is to categorize the documents in my Score Tbl table which has been uploaded to the myCasUb library
The text column Comments are identified by myKey, and the scoring output tables are to be saved in the same library
as the score table

Enter your answer in the fields above.
A. my case; name_of_input_data_set; perform; Name of the column to process in the input data set

Correct Answer: A


Assume no padding is used for the input.
What is the output feature map size created by the cross-correlation between a three-color channel, 10*10 input and a
4″4 filter that has a stride of two?

Enter your numeric answers in the spaces above
A. 3*3

Correct Answer: A


What sampling method does the DLTUNE action use to sample the hyperparameter values?

A. Simple Random Sampling
B. Systematic Sampling
C. Stratified Random Sampling
D. Latin Hypercube Sampling

Correct Answer: B


Which statement is TRUE about importing documents into SAS Visual Text Analytics using the Explore and Visualize
Data menu?

A. You must include your document collection in a parent folder
B. You must convert your document collection to a SAS data set
C. You must correct misspelled words in the document collection
D. You must store the documents as text files in a folder

Correct Answer: A


Which is the correct syntax for using a previously defined LITI concept rule, `\\’ Date_of_Diagnosis\\’\\’ in a category

A. (_tmac, ” [Date_Of_Diagnosis} “)
B. (AND, “{Date_Of_Diagnosis)”} “)
C. (AND, “[Data_Off_Diagnosis]\\’} “)
D. (_tmac, “{Date_Of_Diagnosis} “)

Correct Answer: D


Which action set is needed to upload a picture into memory using SAS?

A. LoadActionSet
B. Image
C. DeepLearn
D. Table

Correct Answer: C


(“Not*: This is an interactive item Follow the instructions to answer the question Scroll bars may appear if the windows
are too small Each window can be re-sized by dragging on the 5 circles located between windows) Complete the
statement on the right with the options on the left.

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