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Salesforce DEV-450

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Latest Salesforce DEV-450 Exam Questions And Answers


Universal Containers uses web-to-case to convert support requests submitted through its website into cases. The
the support team would like Salesforce to automatically send an email containing password reset instructions to the
customer when the case subject contains the words “forgot” and “password”.

What does the administrator need to configure to meet this requirement?

A. Validation rule
B. Auto-response rule
C. Email-to-case
D. Support settings
Correct Answer: B


When creating a new user, which two items must the Administrator ensure before saving the new user record? (Choose

A. Username is added to the Active User Log.
B. Username is in the format of an Email Address.
C. Username is identical to the User\\’s Email address.
D. Username is unique across all Salesforce Orgs.
Correct Answer: BD


Which three types of customization should be done on Activities (tasks and events)? (Choose three.)

A. Workflow Rules
B. Custom Fields
C. Validation Rules
D. Field tracking
E. Assignment Rules
Correct Answer: ABC


Universal Containers uses a custom field on the Account object to capture the account credit status. The
the sales team wants to display the account credit status on opportunities.

Which feature should a system administrator use to meet this requirement?

A. Lookup field
B. Roll-up summary field
C. Cross-object formula field
D. Workflow field update
Correct Answer: C


Which two are capabilities of the content delivery feature of Salesforce Content? (Choose two.)

A. Associate the content delivery with a Salesforce record.
B. Password protects content deliveries that contain sensitive data.
C. Customize the URL assigned to the content delivery.
D. Encrypt certain content delivery files.
Correct Answer: AB


Which two settings can a System Administrator enable in the User Interface Setup? (Choose two.)

A. Related list hover-links.
B. Printable list views
C. Customizable recent tags
D. Chatter Messenger for specific users
Correct Answer: AB


When case assignment rules are being set up, in which two places should the case be assigned? (Choose two.)

A. Queue
B. Contact
C. Profile
D. User
Correct Answer: AD


When converting a lead, how can an administrator capture custom lead data on the converted contact?

A. Use the lead conversion wizard to select the fields.
B. Map custom lead fields to custom contact fields.
C. Use the data loader to move the custom lead data.
D. Map custom lead fields to standard contact fields.
Correct Answer: B


Universal Containers uses a Private data access model for Cases. Support agents own cases, and
occasionally product specialists need access to cases in their product line.

Which two actions will result in the needed access? (Choose two.)

A. Case owners manually add product specialists to ad hoc case teams.
B. Case owners configure pre-defined case teams.
C. A case escalation rule assigns ownership to product specialists.
D. Administrators configure pre-defined case teams and assignment rules.
Correct Answer: AD


Which two can be done with a workflow field update action? (Choose two.)

A. Update the value of a field on a child object.
B. Change the record type of a record.
C. Apply a specific value to a field.
D. Select a formula field for a field update.
Correct Answer: BC


Under which three conditions should a validation rule be used to prevent invalid data? (Choose three.)

A. When records are deleted by a user.
B. When records are imported.
C. When records are submitted using web-to-lead.
D. When records are updated by a workflow rule.
E. When records are edited and saved by a user.
Correct Answer: BCE


A sales executive at Universal Containers wants to be notified whenever high-value opportunities are created for hot

What should an administrator do to meet this requirement?

A. Create a workflow rule on the opportunity object.
B. Create an auto-response rule on the opportunity object.
C. Create an escalation rule based on the opportunity amount.
D. Create a validation rule that evaluates the account rating.
Correct Answer: A


Universal Containers wants to proactively alert each of its sales team users 30 days before their account renewal is due.
To do this, a required\\' custom account date field namedRenewals\’ has been created to hold the accounts\’
Renewal date. The default is one year from `Create Date\’. A validation rule ensures the date value entered is at least
30 days into the future. An Email alert and Email template has been created and is set to be delivered to the Account
Owner recipient.

What kind of workflow action is needed to complete this requirement?

A. Time-Triggered Workflow Action
B. Time-Dependent Workflow Action
C. Date-Triggered Workflow Action
D. Date-Dependent Workflow Action
Correct Answer: B

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