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Practice IBM C2070-981 exam question 1-13

While executing the Configure LDAP Task in the Configuration Manager tool, the specialist will test the connection.
If the test connection fails, which two would the specialist troubleshoot?
A. Verify the JDBC datasource.
B. Verify the LDAP port number.
C. Verify your current active registry is set.
D. Verify the fully qualified distinguished name.
E. Verify the Federated Repository has been created.
Correct Answer: BD

A company is building a solution and wants to restrict the choices for a field to choices defined by the design of the
Which data type can be used when creating a choice list?
A. Float
B. Integer
C. Boolean
D. DateTime
Correct Answer: B

An IBM FileNet P8 system administrator needs to plan what user and group accounts will be used during installation
and configuration of the FileNet P8 Content Platform Engine (CPE).
Which two of these statements is true about the cpe_bootstrap_admin account?
A. The cpe_bootstrap_admin account is a Directory Service account.
B. The cpe_bootstrap_admin account is an operating system account.
C. CPE will not be able to start if the cpe_bootstrap_admin user cannot authenticate.
D. The cpe_bootstrap_admin account is able to create, modify, and delete CPE domain resources.
E. The cpe_bootstrap_admin account is used by the configuration manager tool to connect to the application server.
Correct Answer: AC

A mortgage loan application was built using an IBM FileNet P8 Content Engine API. A loan document has various
states, including Application, Approval, Funding, Servicing and Closed. When a state change occurs to the loan
document, the security permissions also change.
What is the user implemented action, that the Content platform Engine performs, when a document moves from one
state to another called?
A. Event action
B. Publish action
C. Lifecycle action
D. versioning action
Correct Answer: D
Enabling version state security automatically applies access rights to versionable objects (Document and its subclasses)
as the object moves from one state to another. This behavior is seen with two-level versioning, in which the expectation
is that as a document moves through four pre-defined states, access to that document will differ for each state. The four
pre-defined document states are: InProcess, Released,Reservation, and Superseded. For example, when a document
enters the released state (becomes the current major version), you might want all users to be able to view it, but if the
document is superseded by a newer version, you might want only the documentowner to be able to view it

A customer has IBM FileNet Content Manager V5.2 installed and a new fix pack has come out for Content Platform
Engine (CPE). Which one of the following components does NOT require CPE client files?
A. Workplace XT
B. IBM Content Navigator
C. IBM Enterprise Records
D. IBM FileNet Rendition Engine
Correct Answer: D

In which two of the following views can you run the FileNet Enterprise Manager query builder? (choose two.)
B. Basic
C. Visual
D. Simple
E. Advanced
Correct Answer: AD

A customer has two lines of business each, requiring a different IBM Content Navigator web application. The customer
uses the IBM Content Navigator Configuration and Deployment tool to create a configuration profile for each of the web
Which one of the following is true?
A. It is required to do two separate installations of IBM Content Navigator on the same host.
B. Both web applications can be created from a single installation of IBM Content Navigator.
C. Both web applications can not be created from a single installation of IBM Content Navigator.
D. It is required to do two separate installations of IBM Content Navigator on two separate hosts.
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: In orderto create the IBM Content Navigator web application, you must use the IBM Content Navigator
Configuration and Deployment Tool. You can create multiple web applications from a single installation of IBM Content

Which of the following actions can be performed within the query builder?
A. Execute Java code.
B. Search across object stores.
C. Perform content-based retrieval.
D. Save searches in an object store.
Correct Answer: C

When configuring the GCD JDBC data sources through the Configuration Manager tool, the administrator discovers the
test connection does not work. Which two of the following could be possible issues?
A. Verify the JDBC datasource name is correct.
B. Verify LDAP users canconnect to the database.
C. Verify the JDBC driver has been copied to the appropriate server.
D. Verify the Application Servers environment variables for the driver are correct.
E. Verify the Login Modules task has been validated prior to running thedatabase connection.
Correct Answer: AD

The Content Engine provides extensible security parent-child relationships by means of what type of property placed on
the meta data of custom object-valued properties?
A. Security Folder.
B. Security Parent.
C. Security Template.
D. Security Proxy Type.
Correct Answer: D

Why is it important for audit processing clients to use audit bookmarks?
A. To mark important audit records for further investigation.
B. To lock the audit record so other clients will not process the same audit entry.
C. To mark the document associated with the audit record for further investigation.
D. To let the audit disposition process know which records have been processed and are eligible for deletion.
Correct Answer: D

An index file can be accessed by how many index servers at a time?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. Unlimited
Correct Answer: A

An administrator needs to configure auditing in their IBM FileNet Content Manager system. Which of the following items
can be configured to audit?
A. Object store, classes and database
B. Object store, filestore and templates
C. Object store, classes and properties
D. Object store, filestore and workflow services
Correct Answer: A

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