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Salesforce ADM-201 Exam Test OnlineĀ 


Which two dashboard components display data from the summary rows of a report? Choose 2 answers

A. Chart
B. Table
C. Metric
D. Gauge

Correct Answer: AB


Users have noticed that when they click on a report In a dashboard to view the report details, the values In the report
are different from the values displayed on the dashboard.

What are the two reasons for this? Is likely to occur? Choose 2 answers

A. The dashboard needs to be refreshed.
B. The report needs to be refreshed.
C. The current user does not have access to the report folder.
D. The running dashboard user and viewer have different permissions.

Correct Answer: AD


An Administrator needs to create a Sales Process for and.
What are three considerations for this process?
Choose 3 answers

A. All Picklist values on the Page Layout must be added to the Master picklist Value List or be active values.
B. The Record Type\’s Page Layout is assigned to Users through their Profile assignments.
C. An Opportunity Record Type will need to be created and assigned to the Sales Process.
D. Adding a new value to the Record Type Master Picklist Value List adds the value to all existing Record Type
E. The Record Type Name assignment becomes permanent upon Save of a new Record Type

Correct Answer: ABD


Editing Records: Required fields are marked by which color?

A. Blue
B. Green
C. Red
D. Black

Correct Answer: C


Executives at Cloud Kicks have reported that their dashboards are showing Inaccurate data. The
the administrator has discovered that users have been changing the source reports.

Which two actions should the administrator take to preserve the integrity of the source reports?
Choose 2 answers

A. Move the dashboard reports to the view-only folder.
B. Change the dashboard to be a dynamic dashboard.
C. Create a new report folder with viewer access.
D. Move the dashboard to the user\’s private folder.

Correct Answer: AC


Universal Containers introduced a new product and wants to track all associated cases that get logged. They are
looking for an automated solution that would give the product\’s two lead engineers read/write access to all new cases
that reference the new product.

What should an administrator do to satisfy this requirement?

A. Create a user-based sharing rule and an ad-hoc case team.
B. Create an auto-response rule and a public group.
C. Create a queue and a criteria-based sharing rule.
D. Create a predefined case team and an assignment rule.

Correct Answer: A


Universal Containers uses Accounts In its Sales process but only some users have access to them. New
users require Read access to Accounts. Two of the new users require Edit access as well.
How should an Administrator configure access for the new users?

A. Create a Permission Set to grant Account Edit access to specific users and modify the Standard User profile.
B. Create a sharing rule for Account View access and another sharing rule for Edit access to specific users.
C. Create a profile to grant Account View access and a Permission Set to grant Account Edit access to specific users.
D. Create a profile to grant Account Edit access and a Permission Set to restrict Read access to specific users.

Correct Answer: C


Which of the following are not controlled by the Page layouts?

A. Custom Fields
B. Sections
C. Related List
D. Custom Button
E. Validation Rule Error message

Correct Answer: E


Users at Universal Containers would like to visually see the sales stages on an Opportunity page. The administrator is
configuring Path for Opportunities.
Which is an important consideration for Path configuration?

A. The Owner held can be edited in the Key Fields Panel.
B. Path can include guidance and key fields for each stage.
C. Kanban views for Path must be configured manually.
D. Celebrations are unable to be added to a Path.

Correct Answer: B


When controlling and dependent fields are available in Connect Offline…

A. You will be able to edit one, with it automatically updating the other
B. The logic between them is not available
C. You can only edit the controlling field
D. You can only edit the dependent field

Correct Answer: B


Describe the components of the Console tab:
Correct Answer: Frames, list view, detail view, mini view, sidebar, related objects, mini page layouts, console layout


The Console\\’s center frame is the detailed page view of any record selected from any of the console\\’s other frames.

A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: A

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