2022 Symantec 250-445 Exam Dumps 12 Questions Free Share

Symantec 250-445 Exam Dumps 12 Questions
Symantec 250-445 Exam Dumps 12 Questions Free

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Symantec 250-445 online exam test

[250-445 exam] q1

What is the Email Security.cloud Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Anti-Malware false positives?

A. 0.1%
B. 0.01%
C. 0.001%
D. 0.0001%

Correct Answer: D

[250-445 exam] q2

Which service is compatible with Automatic Remediation with Email Security. cloud?

A. Google Apps
B. Live Office
C. Office 365
D. Lotus Notes

Correct Answer: C

[250-445 exam] q3

What is the Availability Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Email Security.cloud?

A. 99.9%
B. 99%
C. 99.999%
D. 100%

Correct Answer: D

[250-445 exam] q4

What is an SMTP server that is configured to allow anyone to send email through it called?

A. Open MTA
B. Open Email
C. Open Relay
D. Open Office

Correct Answer: C

[250-445 exam] q5

What is the purpose of Email Security.cloud Click-Time protection?

A. Scan email web links for malware before the email is delivered
B. Scan email web links for inappropriate content when the link is accessed by the user
C. Scan email web links for inappropriate content before the email is delivered
D. Scan email web links for malware when the link is accessed by the user

Correct Answer: D

[250-445 exam] q6

What are the two characteristics for an email to be considered spamCorrect Answer: D? (Choose two.)

A. Unsolicited
B. Malicious
C. Unwanted
D. Bulk

Correct Answer: AB

[250-445 exam] q7

Which Email Security. cloud scanning technology is bypassed when a domain is added to an “Approved List”?

A. Anti-Malware
B. Anti-Spam
C. Address Registration
D. Cynic

Correct Answer: D

[250-445 exam] q8

What is unable to be configured for Email Security. cloud Anti-Malware Service?

A. Whether administrators can receive malware notification alerts
B. Auto-generated summary reports
C. Whether users can receive malware notification alerts
D. The aggressiveness of the malware scanning

Correct Answer: B

[250-445 exam] q9

Which quarantine settings are able to be managed within the Administrator Quarantine for Email Security. cloud?

A. Domain Block Lists
B. End User Block Lists
C. Data Protection Policies
D. Anti-Spam Scanning Settings

Correct Answer: D

[250-445 exam] q10

What happens when “0 Minutes” is selected with the Cynic Maximum Hold Time to an email?

A. Email is delivered bypassing Cynic completely
B. Email is delivered, but Cynic will continue to scan the message until a verdict is determined
C. Email is redirected to a SECOPS administrator
D. Email is put into quarantine until Cynic determines a verdict

Correct Answer: B

[250-445 exam] q11

Which type of assessment is unavailable within Phishing Readiness?

A. Whaling Attack
B. Open / Click
C. Attachment
D. Data Exposure

Correct Answer: A

[250-445 exam] q12

Which process is acceptable for validating domain ownership within the “Add New Domain” wizard?

A. Text message validation
B. DNS Validation with an added TXT Record
C. Email Security. cloud support ticket
D. DNS Validation with an added SPF Record

Correct Answer: B

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