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Practice EXIN MOFF exam question 1-13

What is the IT service lifecycle composed of?
A. Build phase, Deliver phase, Operate phase, Manage layer
B. Manage Layer, Plan phase, Deploy phase, Operate phase
C. Manage Layer, Plan phase, Deliver phase, Operate phase
D. Plan phase, Develop phase, Operate phase, Manage phase
Correct Answer: C

What is not a focus of the Change and Configuration SMF in the Operate phase?
A. Base-lining IT environment and configuration
B. Carrying out processes and procedures
C. Dealing with Standard Changes
D. Ensuring Policy compliance
Correct Answer: D

What is the goal of the Change and Configuration SMF?
A. Ensure that business changes are aligned with organizational direction
B. Decrease time to resolve problems from failed changes
C. Reduction in incidents
D. Create an environment where changes can be made with the least amount of risk and impact to the organization
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following reflect goals of the Envision SMF?
A. Build a solution that meets the customer expectations and Specifications.Build a solution that meets the customer?
expectations and Specifications.
B. Clearly communicate the project vision, scope, and risk.Clearly communicate the project? vision, scope, and risk.
C. Deploy a stable solution that satisfies the customer.
D. Resolve all issues found by testing and through pilot feedback.
Correct Answer: B

Performing IT accounting is part of which SMF?
A. Business/IT Alignment SMF
B. Financial Management SMF
C. Policy Management SMF
D. Reliability Management SMF
Correct Answer: B

How many SMFs are there in the Operate phase?
A. Two
B. Three
C. Four
D. Five
Correct Answer: C

Which Management Review (MR) would analyze results and take action to improve performance?
A. Change Initiation MR
B. Operational Health MR
C. Projects Plan MR
D. Release Readiness MR
Correct Answer: B

Which role type investigates and resolves an underlying problem?
A. Customer Service Representative
B. Incident Resolver
C. Problem Analyst
D. Problem Manager
Correct Answer: C

Does the Team SMF ensure that someone is ultimately accountable for the work required in the Plan Phase?
A. Yes
B. No
Correct Answer: A

Which is a goal of MOF?
A. ensure that business oversight governs IT service lifecycle activity to promote business/IT alignment
B. ensure that the investment in IT delivers expected business value at an acceptable level of risk
C. provide guidance to Finance and Accounting groups to successfully audit services delivered by IT
D. provide a common reference standard for any enterprise offering IT services to internal and external customers
Correct Answer: B

How is the Team Focus in the Manage layer integrated with the Operate phase?
A. It manages resources.
B. It incorporates operations and support accountabilities.
C. It addresses procedures and work instructions.
D. It sets principles for organizing support and operations work.
Correct Answer: D

What is compliance?
A. An application of risk management that ensures IT\\’s conformance with company-specific policies, governmental
regulations and laws
B. A design that involves understanding the business requirements and defining the features that users need to do their
C. A plan that aligns an organization objectives into a cohesive approach to deliver services that support business
strategyA plan that aligns an organization? objectives into a cohesive approach to deliver services that support business
D. A state that occurs when the technical and business goals of the IT organization match the goals of the overall
Correct Answer: A

Which phase transfers a successfully deployed new service to the Operate phase?
A. Build
B. Deliver
C. Deploy
D. Plan
Correct Answer: B

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