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Practice McAfee MA0-107 exam question 1-13

An IT department is looking for a way to optimize performance with on-access scanning. To maximize security and
minimize the impact on the system, on-access scanning should be configured to scan files at which of the following
A. Disable on-access scanning.
B. Let McAfee decide.
C. Only scan files on write.
D. Only scan files on read.
Correct Answer: C

An administrator wants to add executables that are monitored with the Exploit Prevention engine. To which of the
following policy sections should the executables be added?
A. Generic privilege escalation prevention
B. Exclusions
C. Signatures
D. Application protection rules
Correct Answer: A

The security team wants to schedule an on-demand scan to run at noon every day for all workstations. However, the
team would like to ensure system performance is not impacted because users may be working. Which of the following is
a system utilization setting that meets this criteria?
A. Below normal
B. Low
C. Scan only when the system is idle
D. Normal
Correct Answer: D

When creating an exploit prevention process exclusion, at least one identifier must be specified. Which of the following
is an identifier?
B. MD5 hash
D. Caller module
Correct Answer: B

A new ENS policy has been created and deployed, and a user contacts the help desk stating that a particular site is no
longer accessible. Which of the following ENS Web Control policy categories is the culprit?
A. Options
B. Content Actions
C. Browser Control
D. Enforcement Messaging
Correct Answer: D

Organizational security policy has recently mandated users be made aware of potentially malicious links. Which of the
following features of ENS 10.5 can be used to accomplish this task?
A. Rating Actions
B. Sensitivity Level
C. Event Logging
D. Browser Control
Correct Answer: D

A company\\’s security posture requires the ENS firewall to be enabled; however, the team is unsure of communication
flows in the environment. In which of the following modes should the ePO administrator deploy the firewall policy to
achieve flow awareness?
A. Adaptive Mode
B. Interface Mode
C. Enforce Mode
D. Observe Mode
Correct Answer: B

In which of the following locations are the installation log files stored by default on a Windows machine?
A. %TEMP%\McAfeeLogs
C. %USERDATA%\McAfeeLogFiles
D. %PROGRAMFILES%\CommonFiles\McAfeeLogs
Correct Answer: C

The security team has requested that adaptive threat protection be integrated with a TIE server. Which of the following
is required?
A. Data Exchange Layer
B. Advanced Threat Defense
C. Event Security Manager
D. Active Response
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following fields can an ePO administrator use when creating exclusions for Dynamic Application
A. Certificate
B. Rule
C. File version
D. MD5 hash
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following describes the role of a cloud-based Real Protect scanner?
A. It sends environmental variables to the cloud for analysis.
B. It sends potentially malicious code to the cloud for analysis.
C. It sends behavior information to the cloud for analysis.
D. It sends personally identifiable information to the cloud for analysis.
Correct Answer: B

A hospital in another county just received a new variant of ransom ware that infected 70% of its systems. After learning
the characteristics of this ransom ware, the security team wants to implement a protection policy to stop certain files
from being modified and new registry keys from being created that are relevant to the ransom ware. Which of the
following policies meets this requirement?
A. Exploit prevention policy
B. Block and allow list policy
C. Access protection policy
D. Firewall rules policy
Correct Answer: C

A user navigates to a new website that has not been rated by ENS Web Control yet. In which of the following ways will
ENS Web Control handle this request by default?
A. Delete
B. Block
C. Allow
D. Warn
Correct Answer: C

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