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Your team lead does not trust the junior terraform engineers who now have access to the git repo . So , he wants you to have some sort of a checking layer , whereby , you can ensure that the juniors will not create any non-compliant
resources that might lead to a security audit failure in future. What can you do to efficiently enforce this?

A. Create a design /security document (in PDF) and share to the team , and ask them to always follow that document ,
and never deviate from it.
B. Since your team is using Hashicorp Terraform Enterprise Edition , enable Sentinel , and write Policy-As-Code rules
that will check for non-compliant resource provisioning , and prevent/report them.
C. Use Terraform OSS Sentinel Lite version , which will save cost , since there is no charge for OSS , but it can still
check for most non-compliant rules using Policy-As-Code.
D. Create a git master branch , and implement PR . Every change needs to be reviewed by you , before being merged
to the master branch.
Correct Answer: B

Sentinel is an embedded policy-as-code framework integrated with the HashiCorp Enterprise products. It enables finegrained, logic-based policy decisions, and can be extended to use information from external sources.


Which of the below options is a valid interpolation syntax for retrieving a data source?
A. ${google_storage_bucket.backend}
B. ${}
C. ${}
D. ${data.google_dns_keys.foo_dns_keys.key_signing_keys[0].ds_record}
Correct Answer: D

Data source attributes are interpolated with the general syntax data.TYPE.NAME.ATTRIBUTE. The interpolation for a
resource is the same but without the data. prefix (TYPE.NAME.ATTRIBUTE).


Which of these is the best practice to protect sensitive values in state files?
A. Blockchain
B. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
C. Enhanced remote backends
D. Signed Terraform providers
Correct Answer: C

Use of remote backends and especially the availability of Terraform Cloud, there are now a variety of backends that will
encrypt state at rest and will not store the state in cleartext on machines running. Reference:


Which provisioner invokes a process on the resource created by Terraform?
A. remote-exec
B. null-exec
C. local-exec
D. file
Correct Answer: A

The remote-exec provisioner invokes a script on a remote resource after it is created. Reference:


A user runs terraform init on their RHEL based server and per the output, two provider plugins are downloaded: $
terraform init Initializing the backend… Initializing provider plugins…

-Checking for available provider plugins…

Downloading plugin for provider “aws” (hashicorp/aws) 2.44.0…

Downloading plugin for provider “random” (hashicorp/random) 2.2.1…
Terraform has been successfully initialized! Where are these plugins downloaded to?
A. The .terraform.plugins directory in the directory terraform init was executed in.
B. The .terraform/plugins directory in the directory terraform init was executed in.
C. /etc/terraform/plugins
D. The .terraform.d directory in the directory terraform init was executed in.
Correct Answer: B


You do not need to specify every required argument in the backend configuration. Omitting certain arguments may be
desirable to avoid storing secrets, such as access keys, within the main configuration. When some or all of the
arguments are omitted, we call this a _____________.

A. First Time Configuration
B. Default Configuration
C. Changing Configuration
D. Partial Configuration
E. Incomplete Configuration
Correct Answer: D

You do not need to specify every required argument in the backend configuration. Omitting certain arguments may be
desirable to avoid storing secrets, such as access keys, within the main configuration. When some or all of the
arguments are omitted, we call this a partial configuration. With a partial configuration, the remaining configuration
arguments must be provided as part of the initialization process. There are several ways to supply the remaining

Interactively: Terraform will interactively ask you for the required values, unless interactive input is disabled. Terraform
will not prompt for optional values.

File: A configuration file may be specified via the init command line. To specify a file, use the – backend-config=PATH
option when running terraform init. If the file contains secrets it may be kept in a secure data store, such as Vault, in
which case it must be downloaded to the local disk before running Terraform.

Command-line key/value pairs: Key/value pairs can be specified via the init command line. Note that many shells retain
command-line flags in a history file, so this isn\\’t recommended for secrets. To specify a single key/value pair, use the
backend-config=”KEY=VALUE” option when running terraform init.


Which of the following clouds does not have a provider maintained HashiCorp?
A. IBM Cloud
B. DigitalOcean
C. OpenStack
Correct Answer: A

IBM Cloud does not have a provider maintained by HashiCorp, although IBM Cloud does maintain their own Terraform


A “backend” in Terraform determines how state is loaded and how an operation such as apply is executed. Which of the following is not a supported backend type?
A. Terraform enterprise
B. Consul
C. Github
D. S3
E. Artifactory
Correct Answer: C

Github is not a supported backend type.


When multiple engineers start deploying infrastructure using the same state file, what is a feature of remote state
storage that is critical to ensure the state doesn\’t become corrupt?
A. Object Storage
B. State Locking
C. WorkSpaces
D. Encryption
Correct Answer: B

If supported by your backend, Terraform will lock your state for all operations that could write state. This prevents others from acquiring the lock and potentially corrupting your state. State locking happens automatically on all operations that could write state. You won\’t see any message that it is happening. If state locking fails, Terraform will not continue.

You can disable state locking for most commands with the -lock flag but it is not recommended. If acquiring the lock is
taking longer than expected, Terraform will output a status message. If Terraform doesn\’t output a message, state
locking is still occurring if your backend supports it. Not all backends support locking. Please view the list of backend
types for details on whether a backend supports locking or not.


True or False: Workspaces provide identical functionality in the open-source, Terraform Cloud, and Enterprise versions
of Terraform.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: B


Which of the below backends support state locking?
A. S3
B. consul
C. azurerm
D. artifactory
Correct Answer: ABC


What does the command terraform fmt do?
A. Rewrite Terraform configuration files to a canonical format and style.
B. Deletes the existing configuration file.
C. Updates the font of the configuration file to the official font supported by HashiCorp.
D. Formats the state file in order to ensure the latest state of resources can be obtained.
Correct Answer: A

The terraform fmt command is used to rewrite Terraform configuration files to a canonical format and style. This
command applies a subset of the Terraform language style conventions, along with other minor adjustments for
readability. Other Terraform commands that generate Terraform configuration will produce configuration files that
conform to the style imposed by terraform fmt, so using this style in your own files will ensure consistency.


When using providers that require the retrieval of data, such as the HashiCorp Vault provider, in what phase does
Terraform actually retrieve the data required?
A. terraform delete
B. terraform plan
C. terraform init
D. terraform apply
Correct Answer: C


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