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HP HPE6-A66 Exam Dumps

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HP HPE6-A66 Practice Test 1-13

A customer is designing a new wired network. The customer requires 50 Gbps uplinks, VSF logical switching, and smart
rate port support.
Which of the following switches would meet these requirements?
A. 3810M series
B. 6300 series
C. 5400R series
D. 8300 series
Correct Answer: A

A network architect has developed a design for a new Aruba Wi-Fi network that will include a virtual Mobility Master
(MM) running the ArubaOS 8.4 operating system that will manage:
Correct Answer: A

A network architect imports a floorplan defined in a PNG file format. What is the function of the measurement tool in
Aruba\\’s VisualRF?
A. Define the appropriate dimensions of each object in a Floorplan View
B. Define the appropriate dimensions of a Floorplan and Building View
C. Define the appropriate dimensions of a Floorplan View
D. Define the appropriate dimensions of each room in a Floorplan View
Correct Answer: A

What is the main key for a network design to ensure users have a good experience running their applications\\’?
A. Provision adequate bandwidth.
B. Provide appropriate AP density.
C. Determine the number of users per location.
D. Implement appropriate security controls
Correct Answer: B

A customer requires Aruba switches that support Smart Rate ports to connect to Aruba APs.
Which switching product should the customer purchase that will provide 24 Smart Rate ports per access layer switch\\’?
A. OfficeConnect 1950
B. Aruba 2930F
C. Aruba 2930M
D. Aruba 2540
Correct Answer: C

Which must you perform in IRIS to assign a device to a Design Group?
A. Right-click the device and select Set Layer Membership
B. Right-click the device and select Set Design Group
C. Drag and drop the device into the Site
D. Drag and drop the device into the Design Group
Correct Answer: D

NewRocket requires a wireless capacity design 30 Aruba 510 APs will be connected to each wiring closet using
SmartRate connections. Wireless coverage needs to be provided even if a POE+ switch loses power
Because of security concerns, wired video cameras were recently installed throughout the facility. There are 12 of these
per floor. 6 per wiring closet. The cameras are 802.11n WiFi capable and have power injectors from which to draw
Based on the POE+ needs of the mentioned devices, which solution would meet the POE+ requirements while still
providing a redundant and cost-effective Wi-Fi solution for the devices that require POE+ for Building 1, Floor 2?
A. One 3810M 40G 8 HPE Smart Rate switch
B. Two 2930F 24-port POE+ switches
C. Two 2930M 24-port POE+ switches
D. One 2930M 48-port POE+ switch
Correct Answer: D

A customer currently has sets of three Aruba 5406R switches deployed for an access layer in multiple wiring closets in a
building They are clustered in a VSF domain The customer wants to set up Multiple Active Detection (MAD) for the
OOBM port, as well as use this port for remote management access. To simplify the connectivity, the customer wants to
connect these three switches\\’ OOBM ports to a separate switch in the wiring closet for the OOBM connectivity. Which
would be the most cost-effective solution that would meet the customer\\’s requirements?
A. 2530
B. 5406R
C. 2930F
D. 2930M
Correct Answer: A

A network architect has created two sites in IRIS and defined network devices for each site. From which window would
a network architect connect the two sites together?
A. Topology
B. Site-1
C. Catalog
D. Start Page
Correct Answer: B

A customer placed an order for an ArubaOS 5406R switch and plans to rack mount it in a wiring closet. The dimensions
of the switch are 17.5 inches wide (44.45 cm), 6.9 inches high (17.5 cm), and 17.75 inches deep (45.1 cm).
How many rack units should a customer plan for this switch?
A. 5
B. 4
C. 6
D. 3
Correct Answer: C

A wiring closet with a POE+ switch is 250 feet (76 meters) away from an AP on a building floor. The AP\\’s smart-rate
port is connected to a smart-rate port on the switch, which is capable of 10 Gbps. The cable type is Cat5e STP.
What is the maximum speed that the customer can expect from the connected AP?
A. 2.5 Gbps
B. 1 Gbps
C. 5 Gbps
D. 10 Gbps
Correct Answer: A

A customer has over 100 access layer switches. The customer requires user authentication done via the Aruba
Dynamic Segmentation feature. What components are required to implement this solution? (Select two.)
A. enterpnse authentication server
B. Aruba APs
C. Aruba mobility controller
D. AirWave server
E. Active Directory server
Correct Answer: CD

A network architect has developed a design for a new Aruba Wi-Fi network that will include a hardware Mobility Master
(MM) running the ArubaOS 8 4 operating system that will manage:
Two clustered 7205 controllers with 300 campus APs Two clustered VMC-50 controllers with 75 remote APs
The architect plans on creating user roles, firewall policies, and wireless IPS policies on the controllers as well as
implementing AirMatch.
What would meet the license requirements for this scenario?
A. LIC-MC-VA-50 (X2), LIC-AP (375), PEF (X375), RFP (X375)
B. LIC-MC-VA-50 (x1), LIC-AP (300), PEF (X300). RFP (x300)
C. LIC-MM-VA-50, LIC-MC-VA-50 (X1), LIC-AP (X300), PEF

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