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HP HPE2-T36 Exam Dumps

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HP HPE2-T36 Practice Test 1-13

What is required for a user to authenticate to an HPE OneView appliance configured for two-factor authentication?
A. Smartcard
B. Self-signed certificate
D. One-time Passwords
Correct Answer: A

A customer is preparing their environment for a new two frame Synergy configuration. They have deployed an HPE
OneView virtual appliance on ESXi and are not able to discover the new Synergy frames. What is preventing the
discovery of the Synergy frames?
A. Synergy isn\\’t supported with the HPE OneView appliance.
B. The IPv6 address of the Frame Link module is entered incorrectly.
C. The x.509 certificates aren\\’t authenticating with the HPE OneView appliance.
D. The management ring isn\\’t cabled properly.
Correct Answer: A

Which license is required to remotely access the DL server console and event logs?
A. HPE OneView Advanced
B. Insight Remote Support
C. iLO Amplifier pack
D. Global Dashboard
Correct Answer: C

Your customer reports receiving an error after re-configuring some uplink sets. The error states that their Logical
Interconnects are non-compliant with the Logical Interconnect Group. What must they do to clear this error?
A. Delete the affected Logical Interconnect Group and recreate it.
B. Go to HPE OneView Dashboard to acknowledge the error.
C. Update the Enclosure Group configuration with the new uplink set information.
D. Go to Logical Interconnect and select “update” from the group options.
Correct Answer: D

What does HPE OneView use to define the network connectivity for an Enclosure Group?
A. Logical Switch Group
B. Logical Interconnect Group
C. Smart Link
D. network set
Correct Answer: B

Which REST API headers are recommended when creating a new Ethernet network? (Choose two.)
A. Content-Type
B. X-API-Version
C. Accept-Language
D. Accept-CharSet
Correct Answer: AD

Which condition will prevent HPE OneView from reapplying a server profile?
A. The server hardware matches the server hardware type defined in the profile.
B. The server profile is assigned to the server hardware.
C. The server hardware is in a degraded state.
D. The server hardware is powered off.
Correct Answer: B

Match the HPE OneView element to its function.
Select and Place:

hpe2-t36 exam questions-q8

Match the HPE management tools to their function.
Select and Place:

HPE2-T36 exam questions-q9

What are benefits of the RESTful API for HPE OneView? (Choose two.)
A. REST is a heavyweight toolkit that can create and modify just about any type of resource
B. REST enables automating anything that can be done from the UI using a favorite scripting or programming language
C. REST enables developers and users to create their own apps, or provide integration with other applications
D. REST is an HPE invention built into HPE OneView and iLO that enables management of devices through the Red
Fish standard
Correct Answer: BC

You plan to add a user account that can only manage a subset of resources. You notice that the Scope field only lists All
Resources when creating the user. What is the cause of this behavior?
A. Scopes can only be assigned when using certain roles.
B. Scopes can only be assigned after creating the user account.
C. Scopes cannot be used if roles are assigned to the user account.
D. Scopes must be defined before assigning them to user accounts.
Correct Answer: B

You decide to take advantage of HPE OneView\\’s ability to virtualize unique identifiers. Which physical hardware
identifiers are you able to virtualize? (Choose two.)
A. MAC address
B. interconnect serial number
C. CPU serial number
D. enclosure serial number
E. World Wide Name
Correct Answer: AE

You have a new HPE BladeSystem C7000 enclosure to add to your existing HPE OneView appliance as a managed
resource. What is the proper PowerShell Cmdlet to achieve this task?
A. Add-HPOVEnclosure -Hostname -Username Administrator -Password MyP@ssw0rd
B. Add-HPOVServer -Hostname -Username Administrator -Password MyP@ssw0rd
C. New-HPOVLogicalEnclosure -Name
D. Add-HPOVPowerDevice Hostname -Username admin -Password MyP@ssw0rd
Correct Answer: A

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