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The SPLK-1002 exam, also known as Splunk Core Certified Power User, has 65 questions and you have 57 minutes to complete the exam.
Test your abilities:

  • Understands SPL searching and
  • reporting commands and creates
  • knowledge objects uses field aliases
  • and calculated fields creates tags and
  • event types uses macros, creates
  • workflow actions and data models, and
  • normalizes data with the Common
  • Information Model

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Free Splunk Core Certified Power User SPLK-1002 Exam Dumps Questions Below


This tab shows you the event patterns in the results of a specific search.

A. statistics
B. visualization
C. patterns

Correct Answer: C


For choropleth maps,Splunk ships with the following KMZ files (select all that apply)

A. States of the United States
B. States and provinces of the united states and Canada
C. Countries of the European Union
D. Countries of the World

Correct Answer: AD


Which function should you use with the transaction command to set the maximum total time between the earliest and latest events returned?

A. maxpause
B. endswith
C. maxduration
D. maxspan

Correct Answer: D


The limit attribute will___________.

A. override default of 10
B. only work with top command
C. override default of 20
D. override default of 15

Correct Answer: A


What other syntax will produce exactly the same results as | chart count over vendor_action by user?

A. | chart count by vendor_action, user
B. | chart count over vendor_action, user
C. | chart count by vendor_action over user
D. | chart count over user by vendor_action

Correct Answer: D


__________ datasets can be added to root dataset to narrow down the search

A. parent
B. extracted
C. event
D. child

Correct Answer: D


Which of the following file formats can be extracted using a delimiter field extraction?


Correct Answer: A


If a search returns __ it can be viewed as a chart.

A. timestamps
B. statistics
C. events
D. keywords

Correct Answer: B


A user wants to create a new field alias for a field that appears in two source types. How many field aliases need to be created?

A. One.
B. Two.
C. It depends on whether the original fields have the same name.
D. It depends on whether the two source types are associated with the same index.

Correct Answer: A


Which of the following statements describes calculated fields?

A. Calculated fields are only used on fields added by lookups.
B. Calculated fields are a shortcut for repetitive and complex eval commands.
C. Calculated fields are a shortcut for repetitive and complex calc commands.
D. Calculated fields automatically calculate the simple moving average for indexed fields.

Correct Answer: C

Reference: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/8.1.1/Knowledge/ CreatecalculatedfieldswithSplunkWeb


Which of the following statements describes this search? sourcetype=access_combined I transaction JSESSIONID | time chart avg (duration)

A. This is a valid search and will display a time chart of the average duration, of each transaction event.
B. This is a valid search and will display a stats table showing the maximum pause among transactions.
C. No results will be returned because the transaction command must include the startswith and endswith options.
D. No results will be returned because the transaction command must be the last command used in the search pipeline.

Correct Answer: A


When using the Field Extractor (FX), which of the following delimiters will work? (select all that apply)

A. Tabs
B. Pipes
C. Colons
D. Spaces

Correct Answer: ABD

Reference: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/8.0.3/Knowledge/FXSelectMethodstep


Which of these search strings is NOT valid:

A. index=web status=50* | chart count over the host, status
B. index=web status=50* | chart count over host by status
C. index=web status=50* | chart count by the host, status

Correct Answer: A

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