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Adobe AD5-E803 Free Dumps Questions Updated With Correct Answers 2022-09


How should a Business Practitioner integrate Adobe Sensei with AEM for the Smart tag feature?

A. Use Smart Content Service configuration
B. Use Custom configuration to set up the Integration
C. Use Adobe Sensei configuration
D. Use Adobe launch to integrate Adobe Sensei

Correct Answer: D


An author would like to display an At-summarized version of an artiste. Which method would you recommend to achieve this?

A. Modify a component to display a shortened form of the article.
B. Create a variation of an experience fragment.
C. Create a variation of a master content fragment
D. Implement a workflow to generate a summarized version.

Correct Answer: C


A customer with multi-regional offices wants 10 create a website. The digital marketing team wants the content to be created once so that it can be re-used on other sites. The regional offices are allowed to make variations to the website without modifying the core information supplied by the head office. Which feature should the Business Practitioner recommend?

A. Launches
B. Content as a Service
C. Live Copy
D. Language Copy

Correct Answer: C


An AEM project (i.e. My project) has been deleted. What would happen to the groups (My project Owners? Myproject Editors and Wyproject Observers) associated with the deleted project?

A. These groups will be marked as disabled and only visible to administrators.
B. These groups will remain in AEM until the instance is restarted.
C. These groups will remain in AEM and require manual deletion by administrators.
D. These groups win be deleted immediately upon project deletion.

Correct Answer: C


A content manager nans to see how rent/ published AEM pages perform by seeing Page Views. Unique Visitors, and Time on the page while viewing the pages In the AEM Site Console. Which two recommendations should the Business Practitioner make? (Choose two)

A. Configure AEM to Integrate with Adobe Analytics
B. Use List View
C. Use Column View
D. Use Card View
E. Configure AEM to integrate with Adobe Search and Promote

Correct Answer: AD


An end user tries to create a page on the Sites console but receives the following error:
Problem Accessing \\’\\’/content/loo/bar.html.\\’ Reason: 403 Forbidden How should the Business Practitioner categorize the issue during the initial triage?

A. Permission issue
B. Replication issue
C. Development Defect
D. AEM Product Defect

Correct Answer: A


A customer wants different teams to collaborate with each other by connecting Adobe Experience
Manager (AEM) Assets with Creative Cloud desktop apps: InDesign. Photoshop and Illustrator. Which AEM feature can be used for this requirement?

A. Adobe Asset Link
B. Asset link sharing
C. AEM Projects
D. Dynamic Media

Correct Answer: A


A customer warns to add a field to the properties of all existing and new assets in AEM Assets to capture the asset rating. After the team uploads an asset the review team needs to go through the uploaded assets and fill ta the ratings. How should the Business Practitioner meet this requirement?

A. Build a new schema with the rating property via the Metadata Schemas tool
B. Create a new schema with the rating property via the Folder Metadata Schemas tool
C. Guild a new profile with the rating property for assets via the Metadata Profiles tool
D. Create a new profile with the rating property via the image Profiles tool

Correct Answer: C


Which AEM feature provides support for content editing of single-page applications?

A. SPA Editor
B. SPA Blueprint
C. Fluid Experiences
D. AEM Assets

Correct Answer: A


A customer has a business requirement to trigger a specific workflow in the author whenever there is a change to a particular type of node in AEM. Which functionality should the Business Practitioner recommend?

A. Launches
B. Workflow Launchers
C. DAM update asset workflow
D. Activation model workflow

Correct Answer: B


A customer that uses version 6.5 wants 10 to have a text component with basic text editing features. The solution must require minimal effort cost and time to meet the deadline. Which approach should a Business Practitioner recommend?

A. Use Core Text Component
B. Use HTML Source Edit
C. Use Foundation Text Component
D. Create a new Text Component

Correct Answer: A


A customer who has been using the AEM ContextHub feature Cut wants to extend it by adding an additional API. The additional API will be used to allow digital marketers to target banners based on CRM data for the current visit. What should the Business Practitioner recommend that the customer create?

A. A ContextHub Ul module
B. A custom session store candidate
C. A custom persisted store candidate
D. A custom ISONP store candidate

Correct Answer: A


A content manager has many assets that the team is working to upload into AEM. Multiple users are responsible for adding the assets. Each asset must be uploaded only once. What should the Business Practitioner update?

A. Day CQ DAM Create Asset
B. Digital Rights Management
C. Asset View Servlet
D. Day CQ DAM Asset Upload Restriction

Correct Answer: D

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