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Free Salesforce CRT-450 Online Test 1-12


What is the accurate statement about with sharing keyword? choose 2 answers

A. Inner class do not inherit the sharing setting from the container class
B. Both inner and outer class can be declared as with sharing
C. Either inner class or outer classes can be declared as with sharing but not both
D. Inner class inherit the sharing setting from the container class

Correct Answer: AB


Which option should a developer use to create 500 Accounts and make sure that duplicates are not created for existing
Account Sites?

2022 Symantec 250-445 Exam Dumps 12 Questions Free Share

Symantec 250-445 Exam Dumps 12 Questions Symantec 250-445 Exam Dumps 12 Questions Free

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Real HashiCorp VA-002-P Dumps Questions 2022 Update

HashiCorp VA-002-P Dumps Questions 2022 Update

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Nokia 4A0-M10 exam

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Cisco 300-815 CLACCM exam dumps update from Lead4Pass with PDF and VCE

300-815 claccm dumps

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The Cisco Unified Communications Manager Dialed Number Analyzer allows analysis of calls from which two devices?

How difficult is the Microsoft AZ-120 exam, really

AZ-120 exam

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HashiCorp TA-002-P exam

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